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Mutant A is middle class biological Enemy in the Platformer games that is a user of Strength. Mutant A is a counterpart to Mutant B and Big Mutant. Mutant A has no description. Mutant A is the 17th Enemy to be featured in the Enemies and Hazards Game Creator Category.

This enemy has a similar walking/movement speed to the player. Mutant A can be struck 6 times, then it dies. Mutant A can strike you 20 times, then you will die. Mutant A has a regular attack speed, greater than average running speed, deals one unit of damage, and has 6 hitpoints.

Mutant A is smaller than the other two Mutants. This indicates that it is weaker, but faster. Mutant A only has one eye unlike the other two, and has a large scar in plce of the other eye. The main color is a darker green.