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Nadia05 is an Australian troll member on Sploder since 2012. She was best known for cyber-bullying members and making hate games just for attention. She was also well known for hacking other users, such as djred for making games about hating girls. She was also friends with other well known hackers like abcilikepie, Head3000, and lolmaster012. Her cyber-bullying period begins on July 24th, 2013 when she decided to side with Head3000, and was ended on March 9th, 2014 when she issues Sorry Sploder.

After ending her cyber-bullying career, she still making normal games but officially retired on August 27th, 2015 where this account has been hacked and changed the password by the hacker. Since the account was hacked, her info such as avatar, country and groups are inaccurate. Even her 4 deleted games were also restored by the hacker. Her current account is nadia2005.


  • She gave out password and is now unable to access account. She moved to her new account, called nadia2005.
  • She is now barely active in her new account nadia2005 just trying to get back her old account for clear things up in case of anything.

Basic Info

Level: 193 Games: 191
Friends: 1,104 Total Plays: 7,364
Play time: 0:05 Total Votes: 518


Votes cast: 1,187 Comments made: 935 view »
Vote average: Fullstar.pngFullstar.pngFullstar.pngFullstar.pngFullstar.png Tributes made: 4
Group Memberships: 93 Group Ownerships: 1


5-star faves: 263 Comments received: 1,547
Favourites: 39 Tributes received: 4
Comment rating: -7 Contests won: 1


Nadia05 currently made a total of 191 games. Due to her total games exceed the limit of games here, so here's Nadia05's games published in 2015.

Nadia05's latest games

Games nadia05 is OfficiallyLeavingSploderim backkkkkTUNNELS

Nadia05 is officially leaving Sploder

http://cdn.sploder.com/users/group0/user_/thumbs/proj7076425.png nadia05 is OfficiallyLeavingSploder

Release Date: August 27th, 2015

Creator: Platformer

Levels: 1

Views: 12 Views

Rating: Emptystar.pngEmptystar.pngEmptystar.pngEmptystar.pngEmptystar.png 0 Votes

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Im back

http://cdn.sploder.com/users/group0/user_/thumbs/proj6498355.png im backkkkk

hello, real nadia here, just wanted tto check in to this account, and this game wasnt made by me, just saying

Release Date: September 14th, 2015

Creator: Platformer

Levels: 1

Views: 9 Views

Rating: Emptystar.pngEmptystar.pngEmptystar.pngEmptystar.pngEmptystar.png 0 Votes

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http://cdn.sploder.com/users/group0/user_/thumbs/proj7163622.png TUNNELS

Release Date: October 23rd, 2015

Creator: Platformer

Levels: 2

Views: 0 Views

Rating: Emptystar.pngEmptystar.pngEmptystar.pngEmptystar.pngEmptystar.png 0 Votes

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2012: Sploder debut, Sploder goes to school

Nadia05 officially joined Sploder on March 2012, when she was only 6. She debuted with Sploder goes to School. With only publishing a game, she entered a hiatus instantly for continuing her studies.

2013: Cyber-bully stage

She started making games on June 1st, 2013 after a 15-month hiatus. As of that, she often create games with Platformer Creator. On June 29th, 2013, she officially celebrate 100 views, alongside expanding her games to Physics Puzzle Creator to pursue her Sploder career.

On July 24th, 2013, she started cyber-bullying members and making some hate games for people's attention. She sided with Head3000 and made her first hate game, Nadia05 vs Poostudiosfan poostudios. Although it was a poorly made game, it was fuelled by the sudden attention and negative feedbacks. On the next day, Make greendino123 Cry was issued which marks her second hate game.

On August 2013, her sister joins Sploder, called mila08. At the same month, she celebrates 100 friends alongside her new intro. On September 4th, 2013, she issues her first retro arcade game My Demo. 5 days later, she once again prepares for another wave of hate games with The big boom of untributes, alongside her new intro. On September 15th, 2013, she issues her third hate game, called Untribute to dealwithitdewott.

9 days later after her third hate game published, she celebrates 1,000 views, alongside issuing djred muted poostudios. On October 1st, 2013, she issues her fourth hate game, dealwithitdewott gets Trolled which is against the same user as stated in her previous hate game. A week later, her fifth hate game, dealwithitdewott gets Grounded lol once again cyber-bully the same user.

Other than that, she also issues some messages to her haters. On October 23rd, 2013, her sixth hate game, Pacman please eat greendino11 showing Nadia05 that she started to hate greendino11. 3 days later, she celebrates 300 friends, alongside her seventh hate game, How dealwithitdewott Died which showing her that she won't stop hating against dealwithitdewott.

On the day after Christmas, she issues Sploder vs Geoff which more likely to be an impossible game, but suspect to against geoff. Despite having many hate games, she had many references to hate them in other games. Lots of people also made hate games about her, including mjduniverse.

2014-2015: Level 100, Ended cyber-bully career, Retirement

On January 16th, 2014, she officially reached Level 100, alongside her tribute to kvticpony1. On March 10th, 2014, she ended her cyber-bully career for announcing her message to Sploder for apologise. After that, she still making normal games. Although her cyber-bully career was ended, many people continues to make hate games against her. On April 17th, 2015, she officially celebrates 1,000 friends. On August 28th, 2015, she announces her retirement from Sploder since the account has been hacked.

Hacking career

Most of the accounts that she hacked were from bugmenot, but there were two accounts which she actually got into herself. One account was an anti-head3000 collaboration. She got the password for this because dealwithitdewott send sent the password in an award to canyoumakeit13 telling him to refuse it, but he accidentally accept it and nadia05 saw it and hacked the account.

One of her alternative account, nadia05hater hacked djred due to making tons of games about hating girls like her. She was able to guess his password on the 2nd try despite the password being very weak. She deleted tons of his games and also unfriended all friends. She later told the password to shemoshame, making trouble111 (djred's cousin) very angry. Djred made a new account called benallen777.

Alternative accounts

Nadia05 has several alternative accounts, her first alternative account made was gamemake8. However, alternative accounts that she actually matters were may1, nadia05hater, mila08, kittypowah and nadia2005. The table below were full list of her alternative accounts:

No. User Notes
1 ryan06 Nadia05's cousin
2 ryan06alt Alternative account for ryan06
3 xxmustacheoxx Nadia05's cousin
4 rachel09 Nadia05's cousin
5 mila08 Nadia05's sister
6 gamemake8 Nadia05's first alternative account
7 may1
8 pinkomon
9 kittypowah One of Nadia05's alternative accounts that she actually care
10 kpsolgier
11 kpsupporter
12 kpnumber1fan
13 kpfanboy
14 kpfangirl
15 kpapprentice
16 kpprotector
17 kpisthebest
18 kpisawesome
19 kpiscool
20 kpismybff
21 kpisthequeen
22 kpismyidol
23 kpismybf
24 kpismygf
25 wiiriketopray
26 100battemews
27 liarcolab
28 mastermay Alternative account for may1
29 nadia05hater Pretend to hate Nadia05, but actually created by herself
30 Nadia05ghost
31 nadia05grave
32 nadia05soldger1
33 nadia05soldger2
34 nadia05soldger3
35 nadia05soldger4
36 weirdnose
37 notchboss123
38 superduperpoop
39 mistressmary
40 ihavegrapes
41 girlwithabighear
42 nadia2005 Nadia05's second and current main account
43 nadiasciencefair
44 nominator22
45 charadasans Bait account
46 lindaclarke
47 pikachuneo
48 nadia20052 Alternative account for nadia2005
49 nadia2005backup Backup account for nadia2005
50 nadia2005v2 Alternative account for nadia2005
51 titodeckmanbaby
52 may1alt Alternative account for may1
53 bantrouble111


May1 is an alternative account made by Nadia05 herself as mainly for tribute to head3000 for always using the character "May" from Pokemon for making cyber-bullying games. Everyone thought this account was made by head3000, but mjduniverse provided some proofs that the account was Nadia05. May1 denied this statement and continue to make hate games which mainly against several users such as dealwithitdewott, greendino, mjduniverse and more. The games were deleted due to a mod asking her to delete them. The account ended up being hacked and hasn't done anything since then as Nadia05 lost the password for the account.


Nadia05 had alternative accounts which pretend to be her hater. Nadia05hater was actually created by Nadia05 herself just for fun. She made a game called Eat Nadia05 for Dinner which got popular among anti-head3000 people. She was then hacked djred (further information see Hacking career section).

Nadia05 rivals

Nadia05 mainly making hate games about her rivals. Her notable rivals were greendino123, dealwithitdewott, mjduniverse and Trouble111.


Nadia05 hated trouble111 more than all of the anti-head3000 people combined. They each made hate games about each other, and also references to the hate in the non-hate games. benallen777 and trouble111 were suspected to be responsible for the 2 hate accounts against Nadia05. Nadia05 started to temporarily dislike her 2 good friends, batte and robloxsniper, because they set trouble111 as a best friend on their pages. trouble111 also hacked ryan06, nadia05's cousin, who later made a new account.


Nadia05 always make friends to any head3000-related person including rulebreakers, hackers and monkeyman08 (due to being hated victini8982, Nadia05 thought she copied one of her games even though she made it before her, Nadia05 even made a game about him). Her closest friends were batte and robloxsniper which later temporary disliked them due to setting trouble111 as their best friend on their profile pages.

Based on her profile page, none of them were besties. She made a total of 1,104 friends so far. The list below were 40 of them as shown in her profile page.

brilliantgirl oshawott657 snivy26 foxythefox abe27633
mwilfond fire51271 d3 gl5987 agentpikachu
hater34 joerey47 nickswagg215 vaxen2 chloride2
lucasbeck max48812 cloudwalker27 plant910 dyinguser16
herobrineoff360 gotop supapowapupgals elroysice nadia05ghost
noobkiller25 originalvaxen littleredbone xtreme33 francelishious
mila08 tlr2426 mjduniversefake jcool321 thebluesun
cosmos5000 ihavegrapes authentic daniel567 iamevilmay