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Neptus is a suspended member of the Sploder community. He was widely known as a hacker, and hacked user accounts on both the Mainsite and Forums. He is the first user to have his account suspended. He has also been known to use others as pawns for his personal agenda.

Mainsite hacked accounts

Forum hacked accounts

In 2014, Neptus returned on the Forums, disguised as Catlover09 and Chughes. Generals later founded that Catlover09's and Chughes IP matched with Neptus's IP and as a result. Catlover09 and Chughes were PoW'd. After this Neptus once again hacked 91156 and Pricedown and as a result 91156 became a giblet and Pricedown was PoW'd. Hours later Pricedown came back as (censored for privacy) and started a topic. During the time being Neptus hacked (censored for privacy) and was PoW'd. Neptus then sent Moolatycoon a PM saying he was leaving for good which reads: 

I'm sadly leaving everybody, thank you for putting up with me in the past years. I know that I've been a pain and most of you hate me and want me gone so I will go for you lot. I will come on tinychat like some of the other banned members, but I won't come on much. I'd like to say a special goodbye to moola for  relaying this message and being my favorite mod, dakota for being a great friend and a really amazing person(good luck in the future dako), and Donsnipz, I have been friends for quite some time and he is also a great friend. And thank you to you all once again for putting up with me etc, goodbye and I wish you all the best.


It should be noted that Neptus returned several times following this incident and therefore lied about leaving. 

Known hacked accounts:

  • 91156 (Neptus supposedly let the real 91156 come back for a limited time before becoming a giblet)
  • Pricedown (Neptus hacked him and gave cyclone the password over tinychat.)
  • Mangamixer (Neptus sent Rich3001k a PM saying that he was Mangamixer's real life friend)
  • Anderzoonzim (Neptus sent him a PM that he hacked his first forum account: Zimznderzoon)

Possible hacked accounts:

  • 09w (Already PoW'd user before coming back sending PMs saying "I'll review one of your games if you give me your password." and eventually mods performed a glitch that stopped him from sending PM's. Seems likely to be Neptus due to similar behavior.)


  • He had a strong hate for 91156, Myownself, and Pricedown.
  • He seemed to show sympathy towards Dakotagrl and Donsnipz.
  • He is vilified by the Sploder community, especially the Sploder Forums.
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