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Real Name:Unknown
Age:Unknown years old
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:Unknown Unknown
Last Visit:Unknown
Member of the Day on:October 25th, 2015

Newaphlife was a user on sploder known and almost notable (maybe?) for making games that violate the Sploder ToS.


Newaphlife got hacked by disgusting on Late October, he deleted some of his inappropriate games, it was mainly his porn games that got deleted and some of his "I suck" games were deleted too, disgusting then made a game about him hacking the account, he deleted some of his friends too and got rid of the messaging option so people couldn't send offence comments about the hacking


  • Newaphlife had another account called lover000 that got suspended
  • Later Newaphlife was suspended on December 2015 along with Shasha123go , Guestsploder and Kinggtm .
  • He has an account named "efilhpawen", Which is his name backwards. Reversing it will say "newaphlife", Which means newaphlife made this account.
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