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About Me:(from Nightshield102) My name is Jackson Foster. I am 17 years old. I make (inappropriate) games. I am a hacker. I am no one buty Nightshield10 so deal with it (bleep). MY NIGHTSHIELD10 ACCOUNT MAY NOT BE SUSPENDED BUT THIS IS STILL FAR FROM OVER! IM GONNA HACK SPLODER NOW!
Name:Aidan Luter
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Nightshield10 was an alt of Lightningshadow2 that he used to troll people. He was a highly controversial user who has been making games that violate the Sploder Terms of Service. He is also a spammer, similar to Kgtm. He used the account against Theundead101Megarayquaza, Betrrr and Supersonic2014. He has been making inappropriate games ever since Theundead101 unfriended LightningShadow, which has given him a lot of attention from other members. He has been telling Pewdiekids1 to bring him Disgusting. He claims that he was originally Jaydurus112 in a game called "Why I hate Theundead101". In 2016, he reformed.


M0derator390/Anytephius claims that he is Megarayquaza, and his evidence was fake. In a screenshot found in one of Nightshield102s games, Nightshield102s IP doesn't match Megarayquaza though, however Megarayquaza's IP matches a few accounts not found on Bugmenot accessed by Nightshield102/10. Despite this, some people still claim Nightshield10 is Megarayquaza. In late 2016, in incident happened that increased the possibilities of Megarayquaza being Nightshield10. Nightshield10 hacked Morningshield10 and made that his new main account. Morningshield10 claims to be Knee on that account whilst the Knee account publically announces that he is Jackson Foster (what Nightshield claims to be his name). As a result of this, most people believe they are run by the same person.

The accounts Legohead781 and Jaydurus112 were being operated by the same user at the same time in 2015.

List of members he hacked

Most of the accounts are freed. He hacked some users with inappropriate usernames. The user M0derator490 operates most of his alts.


Legohead781 was an account that was hacked. Some people think that Abcilikepie orginally hacked him. He got the account banned by Lordeldar for making hate games. Then he made a game about his password, leading Nightshield10 to hacking it. It also led to a lot of other users hacking it.


Theundead1o1 was an account created by Nightshield10 used to imposter on Theundead101. It caused some trouble for Theundead101s MOTD. The pass to the account was Amsden317 which was given away by a user called Mcvandel. The accounts password was guessed by LightningShadow and changed by Megarayquaza.


Nightshield10 recently left his original account and made a new alt called Nightshield102. He could've possibly attempted to avoid suspension by switching accounts. Nothing really happened after Nightshield10 switched to another account and he is still making inappropriate games and he still insulting people.


Nightshield10 becomes a good member in late 2016, due to Vonhaxer3 taking over The Dark Tribe. Nightshield10 promised never to make another inappropriate game and he now makes good games on Knee. Though this happened, Nightshield10 never logs onto Knee, in fact not even his own account. He seems inactive.

Morningshield10 96

Nightshield10's avatar after he became good.


  • He got his username from LightningShadows profile.
  • He is the creator of a game called The Dead Revolution.
  • Megarayquaza claimed he was Nightshield in his ban appeal.
  • He is the leader of a group called The Dark Tribe.
  • The only three accounts he registered were Theundead1o1, Nightshield10 and Nightshield102.
  • His friends are Mena5000sback, Vonhaxer3, Lolghoster, Layraisback and Wohoohacking.
  • He has gotten his own I.P. address banned off Sploder once.
  • He is a spammer.
  • You may find two copies of his games on his profile.
  • Every time he hacks a user he changes it to Theundead101s avatar.
  • He went inactive because of rumours that he was Megarayquaza.
  • He says that he collects his friends accounts at the end of each day. He says that is why Nightshields friends have the same IP as him.
  • His next and final account is Nightshield112, that he already started using to make inappropriate games.
  • In late 2016, his main account Nightshield10 and Nightshield102 were suspended.
  • As of 2017, he won't make inappropriate games anymore and he will be on the good side of Sploder.
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