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Opengangs currently holds the Sploder record for most tributes in 2 months. In the Forums, he is a Cruiser.He is famous for the glitches he made on becoming a Moderator, a Reviewer, an Editor, level 1000 and 1,000,000 plays. He is active on the Forums, and is now a changed man.

In early 2014, Opengangs created a level calculator based on a player's statistics. It is known as the Opengangs Calculator

Opengangs getting up to Level 1000 on October 9th.


Due to the glitches he made, Opengangs was banned for several days. People were still confused on what were the ban results, but on January 2013, he broke out of the ban.


Using a unknown glitching program, he was allowed to access the power of Moderator, the power of Editor and the power of Reviewer. This meant that he could be able to review games, ban people and feature games.


When he had the power to feature games, Opengangs featured 3 of his games. This meant that those 3 games were able to get 1000 views. However, it backfired. An editor was able to unfeature it before the game got a lot of views. Opengangs also banned Mimicanation indefinitely. This meant that his IP could not log in to Sploder.

Stolen Game

Opengangs stole one of Boredgame's game, which was her first game, called "Tom and Jerry". It had over 100 views as of the release. Boredgame forced Opengangs to delete the game. Denying that Opengangs stole the game, Boredgame then decided to delete the game herself (its back again). Opengangs retrieved the game and it stayed on his game list since.


Around August of 2012, Opengangs was believed to have hacked, moderator, reviewer and editor 1twenty1guns. Rants kept coming in, but was later proven innocent. The hacker remains unknown.


On 24th of December 2012, another user, Jaycool11 hacked Opengangs' account, forcing him to shut down for several days.


On January 24, 2013, Opengangs got released out of the ban but was watched a lot. If he had made one bad move, he would get banned again probably a much longer time.

The Opengangs Calculator

The Opengangs Calculator (often abbreviated to TOC or OC) is a calculator designed by member, Opengangs. It gives feedback on a player's statistics, their level, ranking, specialty and the three types of categories: Game Making Level, Popularity level, and their Fame level. Occasionally, player's can receive any special badges. Not much information can be given.

There are currently no known download links.

Faked Death

Opengangs pretended to die on May 6, 2014, after he "committed suicide due to bullying. He hanged himself on 6:10PM, and was confirmed dead on 6:34PM." He attempted this to gain popularity and empathy. This was rumored by his brother Coolking888 and he was later powed as a result of lying.