"This is where Prisoners of War may appeal for re-instatement"

The POW Camp, (or Prisoner Of War Camp) is a special forum category of the Sploder Community Forums, exclusive to those in the POW rank, and all Lieutenants+. The POW Camp exists to punish users who have violated the Forum rules, and as a reminder not to repeat the offenses. There were 3 variation ranks of a POW internee, each rank given based off the level of their offenses.

  1. POW
  2. POW Censored
  3. POW Detainee

Users who are POW'd can only view the POW Camp category. Lieutenants and Generals supply fused threads that list the POW Camp rules to internees. Each internee has a separate thread titled with their username, explaining to them what they did to deserve being here and giving advice as of how to be redeemed and returned to their former rank. In some cases, they will be promoted to the Outcast or Grunt rank if a General still doesn't trust them or thinks the user hasn't learned their lesson yet.

Fun is said not to be allowed; the atmosphere of the POW Camp is meant to be boring and stark, to further the punishment on users as well as humiliate them. A POW Camp internee would have a label above their Avatar stating "This user has been placed in POW Camp," "This user is a Prisoner of War - Censored" or "This user is a Prisoner of War -Detainee".

Pow Camp

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