POW Detainee was the third lowest rank for the Sploder Community Forums, and was the lowest rank one could get that could still view POW Camp. Users who were POW Detainees couldn't view any categories (including the POW Camp itself), create discussions or make comments. All they were restricted to do was view theirs and others profile pages, and view Private Messages sent to them by a General (or Moderator) that explained to them what rules they broke to be ranked down.

The name, like the other POW ranks, is an abbreviation for Prisoner of War. Very rarely does a user get initially ranked down to POW Detainee; it is usually because they were first misbehaving as POW Censors or regular PoWs. Getting ranked down to POW Detainee can be from repeated rule breaking in the POW camp, or for acts deserving or on the borderline of Giblet.

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