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Pipers was small hacking threat member on Sploder.

Fake Hacking and Threats

In 2012, pipers made a game with about 60 views, threatening to hack all members of Sploder. Many of the viewers did not believe him, but when 500k9 (Who actually got hacked by Pipers in 2011) commented and said that it was a legitimate threat, people started to flip out and worry that they would be history. Pipers was warned by Brocky for threats, but he was banned later on for actual hacking.

Some members raging about Piper's threats

Real Hacking

Pipers did not only make threats, but he hacked 4 members. His most famous hack, was Glitchymaster. He said that he had a relatively easy and weak password and found a close match on Pipers deleted two of Glitchymaster's games, Ball Runner and Cerrak 1. The games could not be fully restored, although Cerrak 1 is being worked on completely. Pipers also hacked 500K9 in 2011, posting a few rude comments and making 4 games about himself. Glitchymaster and 500K9 were the same person, so pipers must have them as a target. The other 2 members he hacked were not as popular, one of them was inactive since 2009.


Pipers making games and threats about hacking sploder.


Pipers made a game about how he hacked Glitchymaster. when he made this game, most people on sploder completely forgot about him.

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