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Plasticool was supposedly a German member on Sploder that lives in Hong Kong, even though in his last few days his location was in Australia. Throughout the month on January 2015, he has made games begging to be unbanned on the forums (and then the mainsite), messages to people (most begging for an apology), and projects with names similar to 'Everyone Please Read This'.

He has called Pewdiekids1 a bully for joining a multiplayer game and then leaving. He is banned not because of all this, but because he hacked a mainsite account known as Fall000000000001. Plasticool was suspended on January 27th, 2015, most likely due to his rage at the moderators during his ban and breaking various rules.

Suspicious Accounts

He also used to hide behind an account called treelogsman. But users guessed its password and hacked it. Right now a user named superastroguy has the account. However, demonxz95 un-ip-banned Plasticool since he decided to follow the rules. He used to hide behind an account called treelogsman but it got hacked by superastroguy and banned.


  • We still can see Plasticool's profile here even if he is suspended.
  • He was Level 250, but dropped to Level 97 due to removing some of his games and friends.
  • His vote average is a solid 5 stars, which according to Plasticool is a glitch.
  • He apparently made his account private before suspension.
  • He is the first MOTD to get suspended.
  • He has a brother, with an account called plasticool01.
    • After suspension, Plasticool tried using his brothers' profile as a getaway account, it ended up being suspended also.
  • He may have hacked grantapus.