The PoW (formerly POW) rank is the 5th lowest rank of the Sploder Community Forums, and the highest rank for users within the POW Camp. Users who are of the POW rank can only view the POW Camp category, cannot create discussions, and are only allowed to post in the threads titled with their name. To be lowered down to the POW Camp rank, one must excessively swear, spam, flame other members, abuse HTML codes and sometimes hijack accounts.


  • The name origin, like the other POW ranks, is an abbreviation for Prisoner of War (as if it wasn't obvious enough).
  • Before the SMF switch in July 2012, members in PoW Camp had a seperate avatar to symbolize that they are currently in a punishment rank. Now, this same avatar is used for suspended accounts on the mainsite (yeah, they're copycats).

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