The Private rank is currently the 5th highest rank of the Sploder Community Forums, (formerly 6th with the Major rank) and the most populous rank for all combined users of the site. Whenever an Applicant is accepted into the forums by an administrator, they are automatically given the Private rank, even if they are the Alternate Account of a high-ranking member. A Private is the lowest rank where the user is not restricted of any activities (except those exclusive for higher ranks) and the lowest rank where one can still attain it even after years of absence. (the highest being a Soldier.)

Privates have the power to create discussions, see all 8 main forum categories, and post in all threads that haven't been locked. If one is of a lower rank than Private because of their rule-breaking, they can retain it by simply being absent. (usually 1 or 2 months if not longer.) The name origin for Private is based of the real-life rank given to the common soldier who has just been enlisted.

Privates appear 'green' on the Online List on the Sploder Forums.

Darthreven5, a Private on the Sploder Community Forums.


  • On July 22nd 2013 until June 25th 2014, Privates were given the privilege to see the board Private Compound in which Soldiers cannot see. This has caused a war between Soldiers and Privates for some time, until it was removed because it was considered useless.
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