The Probe is a Lower-Class Enemy in the Platformer games. The Probe is a user of Power (It shoots lasers at its opponent.) and it can fly in order to dodge attacks or pivot its firing range. The Probe is also the 11th Enemy shown in the Enemies and Hazards Game Category in the Platformer.

Probes attacking player.


The Probe's appearance is very simple. The Probe is a robot that is shaped like a round ball covered by a purple membrane, with a center that shoots its blue lasers. The Probe's interior is grey, and at the sides are white symbols that are either triangle or square.

Combat Data

It takes 22 lasers from the Probe to defeat the Platformer Hero. It takes only 2 hits from the Hero's Sword and one hit from the Big Sword to kill the Probe. The Probe's Speed is far superior to the Player, but it wields no Strength. Its durability is abysmal, granting it the use of flying to avoid attacks in combat.


  • The Probe is the only enemy in the Platformer Creator that is circular in shape.
  • The Probe's game description says that it is a "Flying robotic enemy with a deadly laser."