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Real Name:Nikolei Abulinov
Age:28 years old
Birth Date:September 1990
Country:United states United States
Joined:May 26th 2017
Member of the Day on:No day

Proxycyaniderblx is a male cyberbully who harassed multiple people. Allegedly, he recently got ip banned because he sexually exploited on sploderheads with an alt.

He is almost 30 years old, but he makes pretty hard games, as his games had recieved negative reviews for profanity, obscene graphics, and offensive racial stereotypes.

His most famous graphic was the swastika graphic, although he had made graphics and titles with offensive lanugage in them, proxy is permabanned because of that offence.

He swore on SploderHeads, and he recieved universal hate online


Online Penalties

  • He was banned from multiple discord servers, he sent derogatory terms on discord, propaganda, and racist ideologies
  • He was once banned for 1 day on roblox for depicting someone getting hanged
  • He is currently perma-banned on sploder


  • He recieved negative reviews on his games due to his games receiving negative reviews and reports,
  • He posted slang, profane, or derogatory words on sploderheads, several players encountered him
  • Sometimes, he is sometimes called a female due to his rage, but he actually became more adept


  • He is an administrator of the XNDUIW discord server, and he fits mature audiences
  • He has a good relationship with ridusotakamura

Real Life

Drug Use

He was known for taking potent stimulants along with xanax to improve his skill, although he does it off camera


proxycyaniderblx was convicted for a murder charge back in 2008 for killing a 7 year old girl with an MP5K Personal Defense Weapon, He was released on January of 2010, He still uses the same MP5K today.


  • He recieves a mature audience, and he is involved in playing with his best friends on roblox.
  • He lost plenty of his female audience on ROBLOX because of sexist messages, several female friends unfriended him on ROBLOX due to his online racist messages


RobloxScreenShot20170906 194710419

This was a screenshot he made completing a multi kill with an MP5K.

Bandicam 2017-09-15 18-57-38-700

A Sexist description about his game "Nazi Resistance"

RobloxScreenShot20170915 184823882

Him getting a 6 ingame kdr on phantom forces but with negative reactions.


Proxycyaniderblx's avatar on roblox

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