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Radu3000 is a member in Sploder. He is a simple member. He is level 74 and has 129 games. He has made the best looking Angry Birds Space game on Sploder, since Angry Birds Space was once his favorite game. He joined 2 years ago, making him one of the members on Sploder that are not very active or mostly comment. His games combined have a difficulty almost at the half of the meter.

About Radu3000

I'm a 10 years old boy from Romania. I LOVE making games! I live a normal life, nothing too special. There is nothing much to say.



58 Awards

12+ Graphics

Tributes made: 2

Group Ownerships: 3 Intergalactic, EVERYBODY WHO JOINS vs. STEPHHH[http://www.sploder.com/games/groups/53jh0qj6/everybody-who-joins-vs-stephhh/ , T.S.U.N.A.M.I ]


5-star faves: 105

Favorites: 18

Comments received: 500+

Tributes received: 1 (The real watcher in Sploder is glitched because it is not showing fangdam7920's  tribute)

Contests won: 0

Actions NOT listed in Sploder:

Safety warnings: 1

Jokes in game form: 1 (April Fools)

Random games: Around 13 (Mostly for leveling up)

Shames: 1 (You may ask "Shames? What are shames??". Shames are events when events that make a user happy end up bad. The shame radu3000 has is that the first comment on his user page was advertising his games, and was deleted by a moderator. the adverstiser is alexrobert.)

Part of Sploder Staff?: False, but applying for becoming a Reviewer.