Rail Gun
The Player with a Rail Gun.


Instant homing damage(5x)

The Rail Gun is a weapon in the Platformer Creator Games, and is the 15th to be listed in the Power-ups Game Creator Category. The Rail Gun is an original game power-up.


The Rail Gun doesn't seem to resemble its real-life counterpart, but instead resembles a short-range musket, with purple out-linings surrounding its exterior. The Rail Gun's muzzle is black and on the top of it's main body is a purple loading-groove resembling a sack. The tip's firing salvo is exaggeratedly long, surpassing the size of the Player's head when held.

Uses in Combat

The Rail Gun is a very potent weapon, able to home in on and blast attacking or nearby enemies with great accuracy. The blast itself moves at extreme speeds, able to overwhelm enemies as fast as the Vampire Bat and Mongol and destroy them instantly. The laser that comes out is a neon purple.

Each blast from the Rail Gun delivers 20 damage. (It would take 5 shots to defeat an enemy with close to or 100 stamina, such as a Kikuchiyo, (95) or the Platformer Hero (perfect 100). The Rail Gun fires 5 blasts at a time without additional ammo, and pauses for 1.5 seconds in between every attack.