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 Randoe is a stupid user on Sploder who is a reviewer on the mainsite and an MSOE on the Forums. He specializes in Platformer games, and is best known for his hit game "Super Mario Bros. REPLICA V1" which got nearly 6,000 views and 114 votes. In early 2017, he, along with Flumpisback and Rockyroad797, have collaborated on a Platformer project called "Penanggal". The DEMO of Penanggal has currently has six levels, but unfortunately when it was released, it was unnoticed by the community. As of late 2017, Randoe has migrated to his ALT l3thaln0xplyxa66 and occasionally logs onto his main account.

  • After he revealed his part Indian ethnicity on the Sploder Discord, he has become a laughing stock since, and has recieved death threats from various users. He was also given the nickname "Spicy Randz" by Lavalinn , because Indians like curry and spices.
  • Randoe (including ALTs) has been banned more than a hundred times. However, he ironically had gotten the hacker Mena5000 suspended, which had gained him a little reputation from the community.
  • The user Sparkle65 is Randoe's cousin, whom he has bested on his profile. Sparkle65's original account is Redberryqueen, where both Randoe and his cousin made games together in late 2014.


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