Arcade Creator
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Date of Launch

January 28th, 2013

The Retro Arcade Game Creator is the 5th Sploder game creator. It was released on January 28th, 2013. The creator is much like that of the Platformer. Some find it is much harder to use than the Platformer. Unlike the Algorithm Creator, the Arcade creator has proved to be very popular.


This particular creator features a selection of 8 different Blockhead characters and lots of enemies. It is set in permanent 8-bit style, unlike the original platformer where 8-bit is an option. It is a lot smoother and is guaranteed to be used a lot after its release. No extreme lag has happened yet, making it a good choice if you hate lag.


  • The first game created by Geoff, it is called "Arcade Creator Demo".
  • "New Game Creator Test" by Peterzhang1 is the first game that was published after Geoff's game.
  • The first update to the creator was the addition of Cave World, with a group of new enemies, bosses, a lot of new items & the addition of 5 new players.
  • There were no updates to the arcade creator menus until September 2, 2013, when Geoff changed the menus in the Tech World Public beta.
  • In August 29, 2013, Geoff published the first game made by Arcade Creator Tech World public beta.



There are glitches in the Retro Arcade Creator. they are listed below:

  • Texture Glitch: When you leave a level selected in another world, then play the first level (or any level except the world you leaved), The entire first level and any level's textures will be all replaced with the textures of the level you quit, Trying to confuse some players, to fix this, you must refresh the page. The glitch will not swap the enemies' textures.
  • Colored Screen (of death?):When you win all the stages in any level, win any stage, etc and pause, You will be softlocked in a colored screen. This doesn't affect the stage (number) get ready screen. The only way to escape the glitch is refreshing the page.
  • Unknown glitch: The player can go through grounds by being crushed, they can do that immediately when you put the player inside the grounds.

Last Update: 05.04.2020
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