"Any and all reviews regarding both Sploder games/graphics and non-sploder games belong here." - Geoff.

The Reviewer Lane is the third shown and listed out of the 8 main Forum Categories of the Sploder Community Forums, and the most recently added permanent thread category. Anyone from the Private to Commander-In-Chief rank can view it. In the Reviewer Lane, like it's name suggests, is where Main Site Reviewers and their Recruiters (mostly editors or high-ranking Forum staff) discuss conflicts regarding the Main Site "Reviewers Section", as well as planning their next game reviews.

This is also the thread where users can be promoted to the Reviewer or Editor status by submitting game review applications; Recruiters may deny or accept these. The remaining applicants reviews will be voted in The Barracks by Soldier+ users, the results sent to Geoff after the voting is over. The Reviewer Lane is one of the 6 main categories that an Applicant or Guest cannot see while viewing the Sploder Community Forums.


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