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Joined:May 16th 2015 (Originally on May 7th)
Last Visit:Variable
Total Plays:6,200+
Contests Won:3
About Me:Yo, people out there. I am Rockyroad797. I am an Indian. I am ten years old. 15th November is my Birthday!!! I share my birthday with Nadirahthedog. I'm a reviewer.
Member of the day on:July 7th 2015

Rockyroad797 is a new but young and smart member who joined sploder. He is a reviewer and a MSOE on the forums, and his next goal is Editor. He joined in 2015 start, and has been making really great games ever since. His best game is called "Wave of Domination" One of his best games were a game called "Crater Lake ". He has other great games such as Cowboy Jones and Cape Canaveral.  His best friend is Flumpisback and some others such as FirePinch and Rfggesto

His biggest ambition is becoming a reviewer. He had tried exactly nine attempts, and just before the tenth attempt was a bag of nervousness. But the tenth review was shockingly accepted five in row, posted on 24th October 2017.

So Rockyroad797 is a reviewer on the Mainsite, who has posted about 4-5 reviews.

His next goal is Recruiter and Editor together. He lined up Moderator in the replacement side.

Rockyroad797 is a Tank in the forum. he has about 6200 posts, with the exception of RPFGs, which together count up to 8900. In the time period between August 25 to September 5, his posts got deleted due to high warning level after a spam warning which gave 20+ warning points. Later for posting off topic and irrelevant posts again, he was put into PoW for a week around 16th September. He got released later in the 19th.

Rockyroad797 also plays Roblox. His account is called Ben10DNA, in which he has robux. He plays Roblox alongside Sploder, which he divides his time for. He literally spends a bit more time on Sploder but still has a ratio only bit lesser in Roblox.

He loves Ben 10, together with Angry Birds and Transformers. His favorite Alien is Waybig, and his favorite bird is Chuck, the yellow bird. His favorite transformer is Galvatron and Ultra Magnus. He likes Bludgeon too.


  • In real life he plays cricket, and he is a fast bowler.
  • He has had several accounts before such as Rockyroad737 and Rockyroad787, but all of them only stayed for a day or two.
  • His main alternates are NitroThunder, Duplexdasher and Ben10studios.
  • He owns a group called Cosmic Studios, similar to Thewafflelord's waffle inc.
  • He is a strike-hard Ben 10 Fan.
  • His favorite hobby is Computer.
  • His favorite game is Ben 10 Protector of Earth, on Playstation.
  • He won member of the day on his first try itself.
  • He has a habit of copying and inspiring games, but not totally.
  • He is an MOE and Speeder on the forums. His Pic features Albedo from Ben 10 Alien Force.
  • He got inspired by Staff Members to make one level games like Wave of Domination and Crater Lake. His only feature is Space Tatooine, inspired by Space Warrior and the Invader.
  • He is a reviewer on the Mainsite with six reviews on these games - Wrath of Cronos, Mario's Revenge, 3D Island, Fury of the Tribes, Konnichiha and To the Moon and Back, made by Blackhole2, Bobbler, Lavalinn, Gaminator, Cyangaming and Wordigirl respectively.


During the early month of May in 2015, Rockyroad797 was searching for a "Online Free Game Creator" on google, after playing enormous flash games in other sites. After being disappointed after the toughness of other game creators, he was stuck into Sploder. First as a guest, he made demo games, but they were gone later. On the third day he made an Account called "Rockyroad77" which he only used for a day, since he didn't know that we had to Login into our account. This happened for the whole of his account history, for ex. Rockyroad277, Rockyroad737, Rockyroad767 and Rockyroad777. Finally when he was about to make another account the next day after making Rockyroad797, he remembered that he had to Login the next day, not register newly everyday. Since then, he has been using this account.

Consistently he has been making PPG and Platformer games in his early days in 2015 - Around June-July till September-October. Some of them had kind of high views because of wacky gameplays and fun ones, like PLAY THE COMPUTER, or I AM A NOOB. In around May-June, just after he joined he made a mediocre game called "Race the Space Part 1 5 levels", which got 130 views because of the name. Then he started going on Sploderheads, making better PPGs and becoming a friendly PPG lover. By then, he chatted a lot with his other best friends. He also made games based on his favorite Cartoon, Ben 10. The biggest hit was his small simulator time limit game "Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Xenodrome" which was actually mentioned in an unknown website, and it got 390 views. It was his lifetime highest. But he has always had an ambition to be a Staff Member, so he signed up on the forums. He is more active on the forum till this day. But by then, he had learned what ROBLOX is, and he started to go on it more than Sploder. So in Around September-December, he was kinda inactive on Sploder. He gained back interest around December end where he started making a lot better games, and ones based on Roblox too. Then the year ended.


2016's first half was completely Inactive for Rockyroad797. He started to come back during September, again. His full activity was starting by October-November. By then, his game making skills have VASTLY improved, and he started disliking the PPG, and he started using his present time favorite, Platformer. His games there were super easy, short and nonsensible, so no one liked it. By that time he had already started doing the forums and writing Reviewer Applications. At that time he used to be a bad reviewer, and his reviews would have major flaws and would easily be denied. In the forums he would also talk with others, but was believed as a Troll because of making threads like "REVIEWER THREAD" and saying that if you apply geoff will accept you and other gibberish that never made sense to the applying system. He also gave help on ranks which were totally wrong. People were really annoyed and irritated by him in that time, and he was hated totally, especially by Theloaf56, Proxyrox, Sivershadows and Canyoumakeit13. At the end, he had matured a bit, and gained friendship from a long lost guy called Flumpisback. He helped him in getting more adjusted with the site.


Rockyroad797 continued playing Sploder in January. He by then had gained a super friendship with Flumpisback and other good friendly people had come by then, like Wildzoogames, Dcxd and Wordigirl. Then he stopped acting like a troll and wasn't hated anymore. He was well adjusted with the community, but still sometimes gets a bit hatred. His reviews became professional by then, but were denied by small mistakes which were counted deny-worthy. Then because of short waiting he was banned in the reviewer lane for a month. After the ban, his first review was only in the period after a long break. His game making skills were wildly appreciated by others saying that he is one of the greatest nine year old game makers to ever exist in the site, after seeing games which were equal to games made by older members. But then his frenemy, Firepinch started being kinda rude to him which made both of them bring flame wars, and by february, he spread hatred in his page, which banned him in the MS. He was unbanned when they were no longer frenemies and became true friends. At that time, he had phonied Firepinch by copying his account "Toxicwolf107" by making accounts like Toxicturbo and Blitzwolf. He made a kind of well-planned shooter called Blitz Wolf, like Toxicwolf107 made Toxic Wolf. No one played it so in the present time he made the same in his main account and called it 'Rocky Road'. He also asked Flump for a map of his game, Wisconsin, so he could enhance his shooter skills by copying it a bit. He copied it a lot, but made kind of different changes. It was called "Colorado". Then it became a moderate hit compared to his other games. By then he started collabing with Randoe and Flump on a long platformer called "Penanggal" which was supposed to be a hit. It was well made and was feature-worthy, but kind of forgotten after a while. By then he and flump alone were collabing on a action platformer which wasn't a big concern, and was forgotten too. By this time he had very minor faults and was like a true community member. He was still a bit annoying at times, but very unfortunately, became majorly inactive by March, and he was nowhere active in April-July. 

A very unfortunate thing happening to him, was when he came back in August. He started posting and announcing his return and enjoying with the community, but not until he couldn't find Flumpisback. He discovered that Flump was banned right before he came back, which saddened him totally. But now he still enjoys, but people find his over-posting annoying. During August 29th-September, His spam and irrelavant posting led him to a 20+ warning point which deleted all his posts and reduced to 0. He was super offended and he planned to leave the site. But he didn't, but still was sadly playing it, and not being the Rocky he was before. Luckily, two weeks later, he was so glad when he found his posts back. But a very bad thing happening that day, was that the same night for spamming even more, he was put into PoW (Prisoner of War) for the first time. He was kinda sad, after being sentenced. But luckily it was for a week, and when he got his access back, he hasn't been spamming ever since. And he is still frightened and he vowes not to get a warning, because he is only 5 Points behind another post count delete (40 points). Now he is well blended with the community and no one finds him annoying except a kind of unfriendly guy, Legendarybrick. Speaking about the MS, Rocky had made a game called Crater Lake in January end, which wasn't a big hit even though he knew it was his best game, filled with Innovative puzzles and traps. He got disappointed and published the same game in a different scenery texture. No one noticed that, not even Flump, and it got 152 views even though it was badly made and improperly placed. But in September, fortunately he made a very excellent and innovative game called "Wave of Domination" which was really nice, especially told by Flumpisback on the mainsite. But since he complained that worse games are getting featured, people developed hatred saying that stop comparing and saying your games are better. This saddened him since he thought by himself that this was their main expectations, since there were traps and puzzles combined in an innovative way. Till now, he's making fascinating games. He also makes shooters, which weren't that of a hit. He renamed "Colorado" into "Redemption". It has only 3 views.

Rockyroad797 got accepted for reviewer in 24th October 2017. He is a Mainsite Reviewer.


He was inactive on the forum until it got destroyed. He did not make a new account, and rarely visited the Mainsite as well.


On April, after his summer break started he returned to Sploder MS. He played some games and made some of them, but he missed the old forum. He also wanted to apply for Recruiter, Editor and Moderator. And since he also wanted to get his games hyped, he signed for the forums. He is currently a Speeder with 150+ posts. His major projects going on are:

  • Ben 10 Wrath of Chimera
  • Ben 10 Alien Force: Galaxy Gamble

Basic Info

Level: 141 Games: 501
Awards: 48 Graphics: 80+
Friends: 767 Total Views: 6831
Play Time: 0:12 Total Votes: 466


Votes Cast: 326 Comments made: 3239
Vote Average: 4.5/5 Tributes Made: 5
Group Memberships: 133 Group Ownerships: 5


5 Star Faves: 213 Comments Received: 1310
Favorites: 64 Tributes Received: 2
Comment Rating: -0.5373 Contests Won: 3

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