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Scaler290 96


Real Name:Unknown
Age:13 years old
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:Unknown Unknown
Last Visit:Unknown
Member of the Day on:April 10th, 2016

Scaler290 was a user on sploder who is now suspended.He is Knee's Brother and left sploder later.After he left,Knee made this account as public account.As of 2016,this account was claimed by fan90000.When disgusting returned sploder as megaraypooper,he hacked this account and stole from fan90000.


  • Her original account was hacked by megaraypooper
  • Her alt was Sweeta124
  • Her alt was hacked by Legohead78l
  • There is no trace of the original Scaler290 today
  • The new avatar for Scaler290 looks like the avatar of the "now suspended account," Battexsam
  • Scaler290's got 4,058 totalplays, 8 favorite games, she had 5 awards and no contest won before she got suspended.
    • Her "about me" was: I am megaraypooper!! Get ready because im gonna hack u!!!!!!! Im gonna flood this account with [censored] games cause its not even mine!!! I am going to hack Sploder even if its the last thing i do!
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