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Real Name:Matthew
Age:14-17 years old
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:United kingdom United kingdom
Last Visit:2012
Member of the Day on:August 18, 2014

Sceptile was the best Sploder game-maker and possibly the most famous game creator on Sploder, mainly for his game making expertise. Sceptile has achieved more than 1,000 Awards, 3 of them being platinum. He has reached more than 100 tributes, which is the 2nd highest ever behind Geoff with over 200 Tributes and in front of Maxliam (60 - 70) and Opengangs (40 - 50). On 2015, he moved to a new account called Acetile, which later got suspended due to a porn game he made.

About sceptile

"I'm Sceptile, a bored as hell boy who went on this site for entertainment, and ended up with sky-high popularity. In real life, I'm a 14 year old boy called Matthew. I have aspergers syndrome, which makes the world a hard place to live in.



Game making, drawing, watching anime, and other stuff too.

Favorite Sports

I don't play or watch any sports. It's pretty boring in my oppinion.

Favorite Games

Pokemon, Mario, and Sonic. Suprisingly, I'm not much of a gamer outside of Sploder.

Favorite Movies

Things that you haven't heard of.

Favorite Bands

Anything except Justin Bieber.

Whom I Respect

my real-life friends, and Geoff.


  • He is the 3rd most viewed member on Sploder.
  • He was named after a Pokémon
  • Sceptile have 7 besties on sploder.
  • Jaden964 is still active to this day and tends not to respond to anything Sceptile related on his page, and will not until he leaves Sploder.
  • He has made a new account in 2015, Acetile.


Sceptile's Information


Role emptyRole emptyRole empty

Basic Info

Level: 250 Games: 507
Awards: 1074 Graphics: 12+
Friends: 6832 Total Views: 1,009,154
Play Time: 0:04 Total Votes: 45,803


Votes Cast: 445 Comments made: 611 view »
Vote average: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar Tributes made: 6
Group Memberships: 28 Group Ownerships: 0


5-star faves: 33355 Comments received: 53367
Favorites: 4810 Tributes received: 179
Comment rating: 3.3795 Contests won: 40


Forums nickname: Sceptile Registered: June 23, 2011, 11:40 AM
Status: Launcher Stars: Fullstar
Posts: 238 (0.118 per day) Karma: +107/-4


Sceptile's Games

Games made: 507

this member have over 36 games which is the limit of games for here, so here's Sceptile's latest game

to see more click here

"Sceptile 100000 Views Party Extreme"

Release Date: 8·16·11

Creator: Physics

Levels: 3

Views: 1406

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 5 Votes

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Sceptile's Groups

Sceptile's groups: 0

Sceptile's group memberships: 28

Sceptile hasn't made any group...


The History of Sceptile


Early Life, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

Early Life

Yet unknown. (please be kind and find information to fill in)


When he first started Sploder, he made weird games with the Classic Creator because that was the only creator at that time.

Yet unknown. (please be kind and find information to fill in)


Yet unknown. (please be kind and find information to fill in)


Yet unknown. (please be kind and find information to fill in)


Yet unknown.


When the Physics Game Creator came out in release, Sceptile fell in love with it so he used it and a lot of people played his games. Sceptile's games have averaged over 1,000 views each, which makes him have the highest ever average reached in each game. The only members who have higher averages are the one-hit wonders.


Sceptile was originally going to be banned temporarily, but overreacted and made an account called "Ghostsceptile" and made inappropriate games. Because at that time he didn't care about the users because his sceptile account was banned. After that, he was permabanned but made more alts such as X101, and Judas666. However, Liamnight later unbanned him.


===Sceptile Revolution===

After Sceptile was banned, many members of the site complained. Sceptile got tons of comments around every hour.

People Trying To Stop The Revolution

People who are more intelligent have tried to stop the revolution by telling users that it's not worth complaining and other things. All of them have failed, but the amount of complaints is lowering, and the amount of people trying to stop the revolution is increasing. However, there are still people who are complaining. And there may be forever, until Sceptile possibly returns, which is highly unlikely.And if he returns,sceptile lovers will be happy.But sceptile haters would be angry and would request moderators to ban him.


Because of all of the complaining, Liamnight unbanned Sceptile, so what's left is for Sceptile to find out he is unbanned.

As strange as it looks like, almost nobody who complained doesn't know Sceptile is unbanned.

Some people argue with Liamnight for unbanning Sceptile.

Deleted and restored games

There was game that Sceptile made telling his fans that he would leave Sploder and never come back. This game was later deleted. Then it got restored again along with two innappropriate games. Then the 2 innappropriate games where once again deleted.

Geoff review

Geoff made a review of his game "Planet Protector" about behavior on Sploder. While it is mostly talking about a swarm of kill games centered around Justin Bieber, it also says not to make any "Sceptile vs Jaden964" games or send hateful comments.


“As it has been said before this has turned out to be a revolution not a war, a new beginning, a beginning to the end. Also as been said before since sceptile was unbanned, he might be returning considering his gigantic fan base now people let's just stop the spam and the "stop this war" and consider making the revolution bigger.”
~ Eldarado (on Sceptile's page)
“It's actually funny when you think about it. Sceptile gets banned for something he did, and thousands of people immediately pop up and go crazy saying it wasn't his fault. I think we all need to pause for a moment and think to ourselves, "By posting my comment, will I actually change anything?" The answer is no. Sadly this comment won't change anything either, because that's just how stubborn people can be. Anyone on this page who still has a ssplode of decency left, please do not comment things" ”
~ Digitalskyline (on Sceptile's page)
“I think he moved on with life with something else that inspired him.”
~ Scorptile (on Sceptile's page)
“Sceptile is a bad person, good game creator, but....seriously. Sceptile is no king or president. Grow up everyone who thinks that, and get a life too. Its time you guys stop being noobs.”
~ Danlev66 (on Sceptile's page)
“I think it's kinda weird that this decision has suddenly been made. Especially after so long, I doubt that he would even consider coming back. He probably has forgot about it. But it's your choice I guess. I personally don't think there's a reason to do it.”
~ Dudki (on forums)
“Sceptile was gone long ago, a teen with some blackmail, good to go, killed jaden mad and got himself banned, a b c d sceptile was banned. e f g h Sceptile was back i j k l He went mad. Made an alt and changed the world. It was Ghostsceptile. Another bad alt. Did some bad stuff, then a perma ban. Pretty sad really....when he got that ban. He never deserved it but that's just life. Life's that way and you get to bite the knife. It was Sceptile's turn to fade away, now who's next on the ban, you say? It could be you, or I. Nor matter It was you alright. That's it folks. Have a good time.”
~ Davidmason (on Sceptile's page)
“Sceptile was one of the best game creators on sploder. His presence on sploder will become past, then past will become history, history becomes legend, and legend into myth. We will all miss Sceptile for as long as sploder runs.”
~ Ccaagg (on Sceptile's page)
“Friends, we are not here to mourn the loss of Sceptile, but to celebrate what he did for the community. We post here not because we expect Sceptile to come back, but to praise his work. He did a great job helping the Sploder community grow stronger and inspired us to try our best to make every single game count. Sceptile will always be in our hearts and on our minds, and we will NEVER forget his triumph.”
~ Mrtuxthepenguin (on Sceptile's page)
“Wow, lol. Y'all still posting here after a year. Guys, do you not realise how sad this is. It's like you're all pining. He's just a kid, same as all you, not a darn messiah. Also, all the people saying not to post, you're making up half the posts, and keeping this page popular.”
~ Casper11 (on Sceptile's page)
“It's been more than one year that people talk about Sceptile Vs Jaden964 war. I can understand that you're sad because Sceptile has got banned and you were a fan, but he got banned since 1 year ago! Unfortunately, he can't come back, and there is many similar members like him. You can still like him and his games, but at least, forget the Sceptile Vs Jaden964 war!”
~ Vaxen (on Jaden's page)

Why he was banned

It all started when another member named Jaden964 made a game called Temple Run (this was made before the phone app). It got a lot of popularity & attracted people from all over the Internet. Sceptile became jealous because of the popularity of the game. So Sceptile offered Jaden964 20 awards if he privated the game. Jaden declined. Sceptile was warned as this was seen as blackmail. People started calling Sceptile 'jealous'. So he created an alt account called ghostsceptile. The account has been deleted but the link hasn't.

Name similarities

Some members have created account with names similar to Sceptile's, in opposition to the incident. However, some have done it to cite similarities with Sceptile's popularity, like Scyptile did.


As of July 25 2013, according to a topic made by sceptile, Sceptile returned, but due to an unknown bug, he can't login into his account. But in 2012, Sceptile teamed up with a user named Ultragames87 (Now as Gpex) on a Sploder game-movie "Adventurous the Movie"(ATM). "The Game will have cameos from my old games, to remind everyone that Sceptile is still around. Thanks to my comrad Gil, I made this possible once more." - Matthew (Sceptile) They may be sharing the current account as of now...

Official fate

Sceptile has officially announced what his plans are for the future on the forums. Here are his plans: 

I have now decided that I won't ever be going back to Sploder, ever. Well, at least not on my Sceptile account, anyway. There's just far too much hype to deal with. If I even lift a finger, the entire Sceptile fandom goes berserk and starts getting all judgmental. I honestly can't be dealing with that in the future. After all, I've mentally grown up a lot since my time on Sploder. I've realized that I never had Asperger's at all and that my mom was just overreacting. Truth is, I have something else called Avoidant Personality Disorder. I think it feels wrong to be judged based on things I did when I didn't know any better. I've been through a lot since then, and I'm a whole new person now. The games on my Sceptile account are all just reminders to me, of how much a fan-hog I was. Most of them were all just "X meets Y" type things with hardly any originality. And yes, they were mainly made to gain fans. I think the only thing I really put any effort into was the 'Birds and the Bees' game. I don't want to be associated with my past mistakes anymore, and that's why I have decided that I am indeed not coming back, despite what I said a few months back. However, this does not mean that I definitely won't be coming back ever... on a new account. The Sceptile account may be long dead, but I may return on a new account under a new name, with real games instead of stupid fan-grabbers. What are the chances of me making a new account? I'd say pretty low, so don't get your hopes up. A lot of you are probably wondering where I've been the last few years, right? well, I think now that it's been a while, I can finally reveal my location; - a site dedicated to making custom Mario levels. I'm known there as BrokenAce, and I've met a lot of cool people there. I feel like the guys there are proper online friends, rather than just people who look up to me. It's a small community, but it's warm, welcoming, and fun for destressing after long hard days at school. So... yeah. That's pretty much my situatuation right now. Hopefully the noobs on my page will finally stop having rants and come to terms with the fact that Sceptile is a dead-horse member. I can't even log into the account due to errors, so even if I were to try and bring Sceptile back, it would fail anyways.
— Sceptile

Yet unknown.


Sceptile's Gallery

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Restored inappropriate games

There where a few inappropriate games that got restored by Neptus when he hacked into moderator 91156 after Sceptile got banned. These were later removed by other mods days later.


Restored games on profile. Last one blanked out because it is innapropate


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