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Shadowslice 96


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Total Plays:151
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About Me:Hi I am Shadowslice. I am strong and active in real life. I am best friends with LightningShadow in real life. I sometimes go to his house and access my account there so don't get confused when our I.P. addresses match.
Name:Micheal Hazing
Country:Australia Australia
Member of the day on:December 10th, 2016

Shadowslice is a user on Sploder who likes making Arcade games. He is best friends with LightningShadow in real life so don't get confused if their I.P. addresses match. Shadowslice gets aggravated when it comes to lies and arguments. But he is mainly a good user. He has an alt called Thewinner2. Shadowslice does not use his main account that much because he is scared of getting hacked again. He is also a Wohoogamer like Wohoogaming.

Once Hacked

Shadowslice was once hacked by Legohead781(Nightshield10), but LightningShadow helped him get his account back. Thewinner2 which used to be a shared account also got hacked by Nightshield10, but that was first a shared account that Megarayquaza and LightningShadow used to use.

A bit of a rebel

Shadowslice sometimes does naughty things like change account passwords. But he is mainly a good user.


In early 2017, the former Sploder Heroes III (now Sploder Gamers 101) generals fought Morderacronius on Google Hangouts. Morder hacked Shadowslice's email and deleted everything he owned. Shadowslice was never heard from again after this.


  • He was once hacked by Nightshield10.
  • He claimed a shared account called Thewinner2.
  • He is friends with LightningShadow in real life.
  • He gets mad at lots of stuff sometimes.
  • He and LightningShadow2 argue with a user called Manpoo.
  • He is also a friend of Megarayquaza.
  • He is no longer active on his Michealthegreat7 account.
  • He had to leave Wikia because his home IP address matched LightningShadow's IP address and that could result in them both getting blocked on Wikia.
  • His account is now in Lightningshadow2's possession, since he left Sploder because Morderacronius698 hacked his email.


Total Plays:347
Contests Won:0
About Me:Same as Shadowslice
Member of the day on:October 30th, 2015

Thewinner2 is the account Shadowslice uses the most. It was created by a user called Dragontamer10 and shared with his best friends. Then Nightshield10 came across it and made rude games on it. He also made a game about his password which led to Megarayquaza logging onto it and using it for comments. LightningShadow also used it and vowed to protect the account from its banning. Shadowslice also got to use it and when he got to change the password. That's what he did.

Legohead781, LightningShadow and Megarayquaza

When Nightshield10 still had his Legohead781 account he searched up passwords. He found Thewinner2 and made an inappropriate game on it. Then LightningShadow2 saw its password and used it. Megarayquaza also used it to evade his ban,but he got tired of using it and that was when Dragontamer10 caught him making comments with it. The Dragintamer10 let his friends use it. LightningShadow then let his friend Shadowslice use it. But he got sneaky and changed the password. Now the users really want it back.


  • It was created by Dragontamer10.
  • There are two inappropriate deleted games on it.
  • Hopefully it doesn't get banned, since it had a few close calls.
  • He uses this account more in Sploderheads.
  • He is good at imitating M0derator390.


Total Plays:89
Contests Won:0
About Me:I am friends with Lightningshadow2 in real life. Sometimes we use the same proxy because we go to each others house (so don't get confused) My name is really Micheal. I am a graphic maker. I am never leaving Sploder. (I like Powerup123313)
Name:Micheal Hazing.
Member of the day on:December 8th, 2016

Michealthegreat7 and Shadowslice's current most active account. This is the name of his forum account. He usually reports MS drama to the warn/ban requests thread on the forums. He bested all of Powerup123313's alts that he is friends with. He used the Inspect Element feature to make his avatar invisible, it looks like Kingtrent333's forum avatar. CelsinusAdelfius is friended and bested on that account.


Micheal rarely makes game on Sploder due to his laggy computer. He made some games though:

  • Two New Graphics
  • My Best Avatar Graphics
  • Michealthegreat7 Adventure
  • Message from Michealthegreat7
  • The Woods


Michealthegreat7 made avatar graphics of:


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