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Smartguy1 was a user on sploder that wasn't really popular until he got hacked. His hacking was a great event that happened around 2015, on Valentines day. About 3 people knew his password around that time, and more people have hacked his account day by day. He now is one of the bad people on sploder, like Disgusting, etc.

Minor Changes

Smartguy1 was known to be hacked by Mena5000, a user on sploder. Later then he told his friends the password. He had 700 friends, all deleted until he had only 0 friends by Disgusting. He also made (the hacker) a few different hate games like "Mena5000 kills Pewdiekids1" , later on a "why do you hate me" and some messages to specific people games, where involved innapropriate words.


According to the hacking, some of the few "hackers" said that Borninthewild, a user on sploder, told them the password. Not only then, Smartguy1 gained more friends after all of his friends got deleted.


Smartguy1 got suspended on February 23, 2015, as a result of inappropriate games.

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