Snarley (Right)
Large enemy with very bad breath




Kick, Dragon Breath

The Snarley is a draconic enemy in the Sploder Platformer games, and the 4th to be listed in the Enemies and Hazards Game Creator Category. The Snarley is an original game enemy.


The Snarley takes on a lizard-like form, whose height matches the Player's. It's color scheme is green with dark green protrusions coming out of it's back, making up it's spine. These protrusions are also the center for it's scales, giving it it's durability in combat. It's arms and legs are the same in length, (though it's legs are bulkier) and on the ends of these limbs are sharp claws.

Its head is large compared to the rest of it's body, showing bright yellow eyes, no nose or ears and a crooked-toothed mouth. On the top of its head is a jagged white spike, though this has no use in combat.


Stat Stats to Player
Stamina: 55

4-5 Sword hits/

2 swinging crashes

Attack Power:



20 damage


Speed: 68

Player speed=100

Total: 170 170/300

Powers and Abilities

The Snarley, like the Leonard, are the only enemies of their size to possess an abnormal amount of durability. Though the Snarley's speed is slower than the Player's, it makes up for that weakness with it's fire-breathing ability. Because of this, the Snarley can fight effectively on both land and water.

Dragon Breath: A technique unique only to this enemy, the Snarley can breath a deadly wave of fire. This attack can only damage the Player, and is it's only offensive attack. The fire the Snarley breathes runs a distance of 2x-3x blocks, and damages the Player's life bar by 20% every second it comes in full-contact. (if the latter is not wearing Armor or a Shield.)

Enhanced Durability: The Snarley is durable compared to others of it's size, able to take more than 4 hits from the Player's Sword at maximum without being defeated.

Enhanced Strength: The Snarley possesses a large degree of physical strength, able to kick the Player a considerable distance and temporarily stun them.


  • The Snarley is one of the few Platformer Game enemies that can attack through solid structures, the others being the Rocky, the George, the Fire Troll, the Enemymech and the Big Robot.
    • The Snarley is the only one of this group that isn't of a large size.


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