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A swarm of Spawners (right)




Enemy Production

The Spawner is a hazard in the Sploder Shooter games, and is the 12th shown and listed in the Enemies and Hazards Game Creator Category. Any users can use this enemy in their games. The Spawner is an updated game enemy. It produces Cruisers.

Powers and Gameplay

The Spawner is among the most unique of Hazards, able to be destroyed only by certain attacks and possesses the extremely rare ability to produce enemies other than itself or as weapons. Spawners can only be destroyed by Mines, Bombs and other projectiles launched into the air from afar. Nitro and Acid can also destroy it.

A Spawner will only produce if it senses danger from the nearby Player, but cannot produce more than 1 enemy at a time. If the enemy it produces is destroyed, it will make another in it's place; the process takes about 1.5 seconds.


  • Increasing the production of Cruisers is not possible.
  • It's impossible to kill a enemy that is coming out of the Spawner.