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Geoffrey P. Gaudrealt (Geoff)

Launch Date:

January 2nd, 2007

Game Creators:

Graphics CreatorPlatformer CreatorArcade CreatorTexture CreatorPhysics Puzzle MakerThe Algorithm CrewThe Shooter Creator

Alexa Rank:

World: 229,337 (as of May 2nd, 2020)

Member Count:

3,200,000+ (as of April 2020)

Bounce Rate:

46.50% (as of May 2nd, 2020)

Sploder (sometimes known as the Main Site to distinguish it from the Forums) was a website for creating games to share with the world and to your friends and family. Because of this, most of the major Sploder updates have been regarded as the Game destroyer. This article details the following updates that have taken place. It has a counterpart website called the Sploder Community Forums, which is an internet forum. The game creators are written in ActionScript. [1]

On December 28, 2020, Geoff locked people from logging in the main site. He also disabled the comments and made the website read-only. He also announced that the Sploder Forums was to be deleted on January, 1 2021[2]. He stated that he hopes to revive the creators.




2004 Geoff creates a simple AI game, similar to a shooter creator game, which inspires him to create Sploder. [3]
2007 Sploder finally gets released to the web. At this time there was only one game creator, the Classic shooter. [4]
2006 (Summer) Geoff creates the first ever group on Sploder.
2008 In May the shooter creator gets an update of adding the robot mode to the game.
2009 In February the Platformer game creator is added to the site.
2010 The shooter and the Platformer creator get updates due to their popularity.
2010 (Summer) The 3D game creator gets launched.
2011 (Early Winter) The 3D creator is not that popular and it gets more updates.
2011 (Spring) Geoff goes inactive for many months.
2011 (Early Summer) Sploder wiki is launched by members of the site. After the launch of the wiki, Geoff comes back and adds a new game creator, the Physics puzzle maker.
Late summer The graphics editor is added with a physic puzzle maker update.
New Years' Eve Geoff announces that 2 new game creators are in the making.
2012 Sploder is confirmed to be worth $10,000.
2012 (July) The Sploder forums receives an update. Sploder also launches a Twitter page.
2013 The Arcade game creator is launched.
Geoff creates a Parents and teachers page. Sploder is now being used in schools.
2014 The Arcade game creator is available
to the smart phone and every one can play that game creator on the phone (not to create).
2014 (Summer) Sploderheads multiplayer becomes available for all users to play on.
2015 (spring) Geoff becomes inactive for months again.
2015 Geoff is still working on the new game creator for sploder
up until this day he says it will be coming very soon.
2016 Sploder hadn't any major changes

Geoff updated the login system

2018 The Sploder Forums is removed on August 5, 2018, because it was hacked, as of 2019, it is back.
2020 Adobe Flash was declared obsolete, and thus the website became read-only.


Old homepage from 2007.

Old registration page from 2007.

Old profile from 2007.

Sploder began development by Geoff in 2004, and ended in 2007, when the very first updates were launched. Updates at the time only involved the Shooter Games creator, both Robot and Ship. The original content of the Shooter Games creator consisted of the basic following:

  • 3 moving enemies. (The Speeder, the Cruiser, and the Guard.)
  • 5 stationary enemies. (the Turret, the Launcher, the Mortar, the Magnet, and the Repeller.)
  • 3 obstacles. (Obstacle A, B, and C.)
  • Walls and Weak Walls.
  • 5 Power-ups. (The Health, the Missle ammo, the Mine ammo, the Bomb ammo and the Megahealth.)
  • "Collect the Crystals", and "Destroy all Enemies" game objectives.
  • 5 weapon types. (The Missle, the Pellet, the Laser, the Mine and the Bomb.)
  • An ally "Wingman" which is programmed to assist the Player in battle.

All of these features would be the content of sploder for an entire year, until 2008, when Geoff further improved the Game Creators with more updates.


The famed "New Sploder" was added in 2008, and was received with much praise. New Sploder was an event that revamped and improved the design of the website and added more features and content. New Sploder also was the 1st major update to the Shooter Creator.

This update included the following:

  • 3 new stationary enemies. (The Reverser, TheDrone Turret, and the Disruptor).
  • 2 new foes that can change side depending on who they are touched by (drone turret, tank)
  • New Power-up, The atomic which allows you to kill much more effectively.
  • 3 new Hazards. (Acid, Nitro, and the Door.)
  • Color-coded doors that require Spider Keys (to be defeated.) in order to be un-locked.
  • The forum was added on February 14, 2008. It revolutionized sploder like no other update ever had. Many mainsite members were soon addicted to the forum, and rarely ever logged onto the mainsite prior to their addiction.


(September 2008) This update added a new enemy to the Shooter Creator, the Robot. This enemy has a different set of attacks than the Ship, most notably that it's attacks tend to deal more damage. The robot game creator doesn't just give a new character, but it also changes the allies and enemies to robots instead of ships. Despite being in beta, it has never had any major updates.

The robot has the following:

  • New player character!
  • new ally
  • 3 new enemies

Mainsite Update

An update to the mainsite was added and had 4 major additions:

  • Friends
  • Avatar creator
  • Site activity bar
  • most popular members online

2009 Updates

In February 2009, the platformer made its debut on Sploder!

The platformer had the following:

  • 6 enemy types
  • 3 weapons
  • 6 gadgets
  • Many block types
  • doors & keys that don't come to life and try to kill you
  • 4 hazards
  • 2 powerups

Mainsite Update

This update added groups and user levels, showing their overall popularity.

Platformer V2

In September, Geoff added the platformer V2 which featured many new additions to the platformer!

The new V2 platformer added the following:

  • 6 enemy types
  • 2 weapons
  • new obstacles
  • even more blocks and decorations
  • new E-pod objective
  • Armor
  • 3 hazard types

2010 Updates

3D Game Creator

The 3D game creator debuted around march, being the newest game type. The debut realease of this game type adds:

  • 6 foe types
  • 4-5 weapon types
  • 9 characters
  • 7 hazards
  • 4 objectives
  • a assortment of wall sets to choose from
  • Various props
  • Various triggers and "story elements"

2D shooter V3

The 3rd version of the 2D shooter added the following:

  • 6 moving foe types
  • a crusier spawner
  • 2 new hazards
  • 5 new types of poly
  • a several doodads
  • 6 new mission types!
  • Messages
  • AI paths
  • two new weapons
  • A 3-tier armoring system
  • 3 new puzzle types

Platformer V3

The second version of the platformer added following:

  • 13 new enemies
  • 1 new hazard
  • Much more blocks and walls
  • 4 new weapons
  • 9 new powerups

2011 Updates

Platformer V3.5

The Platformer 3.5 brought followng updates:

  • 1 more key and 2 doors
  • More backgrounds
  • Up to 9 levels
  • Linking pieces
  • Exploding blocks & closers

Physics Puzzle

Geoff released a Physics Puzzle Maker that you can create almost anything with.

It includes:

  • Multiple players that can change shape
  • Several Object witch rotate, bounce ect.. on there own
  • Make triggers witch triger movement, exploding , losing life ect.
  • Change music, goals and number of lives
  • Up to 9 levels
  • Turn gravity of/on make field open or closed, and zoom in or zoom out.

There are infinite possibilities.

Platfomer update

This is not a major update, but geoff made it possible for a user creating a game to select their own music.

2012 Updates

  • The Vanilla forum was deleted and replaced a Simplemachines forum.

Main page updates

Main page as of February 3rd, 2011

  • A new game maker was added, see 2010 updates.
  • Sploder added a Follow us on Twitter button.
  • On March 19, 2013, Sploder was redesigned. The background was changed from black to purple and many links are rearranged.

The Possible End of Sploder

During 2017 and 2018, many of the websites that Geoff has created were completely dead, such as SlideRoll and Zanpo. As a result, he shut down those websites. Since 2015, Sploder was going downhill. Some members blame the rise of trolls on Sploder that happened during 2015-2016. Some point to a "slow" development of the new game creator. On 11 March 2018, Geoff announced that Sploder was probably going to die by 2020, largely because Flash will become obsolete[5]

On December 28 2020, Geoff locked the main site and made it read only. This might bring about the end of Sploder. Nevertheless, he does say that he hopes to revive it using modern technology[6].

On December 30 2020, Geoff used the flash polyfill known as Ruffle so that people can play shooter games without the flash player[7].

Old sploder main page.


Main article: Mainsite Moderator

Sploder is moderated by a team of members, the Moderators. To find out if a moderator is a moderator, on the user's profile, there would be a golden badge with an M in it.


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