Sploder's Moderator Swag Recruitment of 2014


November, 7th, 2014


December 31, 2014



Preceded By:

Milky's Amazing Moderation Recruitment

Succeeded By:

Mainsite Moderator Swag Recruitment of 2015

Sploder's Moderator Swag Recruitment of 2014 was Moderator Recruitment System. It worked by writing an application and sending it to Liamnight via PMs. If you get accepted, you are considered to be a moderator. If denied, members can send a new application 1 week later. The system includes a vouching system, where moderators can "vouch" an applicant even if they did not pass the test 100%. On December, 31, 2014, it was closed down.

How it Works

An applicant applies to become a moderator by writting an application. They do so by answering a few questions and have to do the tasks given. The questions are listed below.

  1. What are two problems occurring right now with the main site moderators? Can it be fixed? How?
  2. Make up one realistic situation that could happen on the main site. What can be done if you were a moderator? How does it violate the Terms of Service?
  3. Paraphrase or Summarize the Terms of Service. What are the important parts?
  4. Look at Sploder's recent messages. Pick a few messages, and the time sent for those messages cannot be more than from two hours from when you send the application. Write what the messages are, who it's from, and the time. Then create another realistic situation associated with those messages and what you can do as a moderator. How does it violate the Terms of Service?
  5. Give an example of one reason that you can't ban a user for.

Other: Do you have any background with moderation?

List Of Members Promoted Through System

Forum Name: Main Site Name: Date Promoted
Jackboymogura123 jackboymogura123 November (13th) 2014
Forever Rich Futuremillionare November (20th) 2014
Amyk007 Amyk007 November (30th) 2014
textlabel textlabel December (4th) 2014 
mjduniverse mjduniverse December (7th) 2014
maiphantomhive maiphantomhive December (14th) 2014
8bitcode 8bitcode December (23rd) 2014
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