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SploderHeads Multiplayer Game is the first and only multiplayer game platform on Sploder, the full and fixed version was published on November 27th, 2014 . Unlike the other game creators, the game is built in HTML5 and Javascript. Also, you must be logged in so you can play the game. However, guests can watch the game in progress. SploderHeads is a real-time turn-based game. Players play as their avatars and armed with a single cannon. On each turn, you can either fire your cannon at another player, or move your player along the landscape. Your player's health is shown with a meter right above the avatar.

There are challenges and hazards in the map as well. Wind will change every so often and change the trajectory of your cannonball. There is also water in the map, which can limit movement. When cannonballs land on the map, part of the land is destroyed. If any players are in the vicinity, they will lose health, and fall lower on the map. If the map is destroyed below the water-line, water will be exposed. If a player falls into water, they instantly lose the game.


A SploderHeads Mutiplayer Bot is an automated AI used in the SploderHeads. They automatically shoot towards oppements and can respond to sentences in the chat as long is in the format of <bot name>, <message>. They can also be used as place holders when there are not enough players to start the game.

existing bots: Sally, Reggie, Otto.


  • Sometimes, the members call the orange box "The Sploder Ghost".
  • The only way to get to this creator/game is by entering the home page
    • Also if you enter by URL
      • If someone entering without logging in he can be seen as a guest.
  • The 3 SploderHeads Bots are past used members that left sploder.
  • Today, If you play in any available sploderheads room, When a short time has passed, you will unexpectedly lose connection because the moderators have bad wifi/connection.


  • For a while,there was a glitch that allowed you to add a offline user in your room. This glitch was patched sometime in 2016 and this could only be used with certain members.

Click here to play the SploderHeads Multiplayer Game


When it is your turn in a game, controls will appear on the screen. There is a top menu which allows you to choose whether to fire your cannon or move your player. By default, fire will be selected.

When firing

there are three controls on the bottom of the screen. You can aim your cannon with the circular control on the left. You can choose the power of your shot with the diamond-shaped control on the right. Finally, you can launch your cannonball by pressing the button in the middle.

When moving

you can move left and right with the respective arrow buttons. Once you have chosen your new location, press the button in the middle.

Power ups


All upgrades that may appear during a sploder heads game

Power ups (on the right) are upgrades that will give you special abilities during the game including...Wind,changes the direction of the wind.Health,restores your health while Earth builds a mountain of land under you. Shield,creates a defense against cannons for two rounds but you can still be harmed by falling into water.Slippery Floor,you will be able to use a slippery floor canon that makes everything near where it was shot slippery.Ice,you will be able to use an ice canon that freezes everything near where it was shot,including players.Armor,it can be collected up to 3 times,reducing damage except for water.Fire,you will be able to use a canon that shoots fire,it burns everything near where it was shot,including players.ICE,FIRE,SLIPPERY FLOOR CAN ONLY BE USED ONCE EVERY TIME COLLECTED

Winning the Game

To win the game, be the last player standing. The winner gets 25 boost points while other players get 10 boost points.

Click here to play the SploderHeads Multiplayer Game

Moderation Commands:

The creator of the Multiplayer space is able to moderate it. It includes a chat menu, as well as any moderators who decide to come in. To know when a moderator comes in, they speak in orange boxes.

These commands are used in the game chat to moderate the game. Creators of the game can moderate the game, while MSMs can moderate all games using the same commands.

Command: Result:
Ends game session.
Toggles auto-join.
Toggles auto-start
/ban [name]
Bans a member from the game session.
/unban [name]
Unbans a member from the game.
/kick [name]
Kicks a member out of the game.
/mute [name]
Mutes a member from chat.
/list [bans, mutes, commands]
Generates a list of bans, mutings, and commands.
/unmute [name]
Unmutes a member from chat.

Starts the game session.

Command help.
Skips the current turn.
/add [name]
Adds a member to game session (that includes the bots).
/remove [name]
Removes a member from game session.
/swap [from] [to]
Swap players (it's good to switch between inactive members to active members).
/tell:[name] [message]
Sends a private message message to one user. (Can only be used by MSMs in Admin Lobby.)
/announce [message]
Sends a message that appears in all chatrooms that everyone can view. (Can only be used by MSMs in Admin Lobby.)

Click here to play the SploderHeads Multiplayer Game

this gallery is free to add images of the SploderHeads, you can add screenshots in here.

There's Monsters in the game that are spawned using a Green Monster Egg. They can't be shot.

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