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Sploder Community Forums




Lieutenants, Generals, and the Administrator, Geoff


SMF 2.0.15

Minimum Age Requirement



Deleted on January 1, 2021.

The Sploder Community Forums (SCF) was an Internet forum for the Sploder Main Site.

Here you could create games, but instead socialize and talk with members. The Sploder Forum previously used Vanilla 1, a PHP and MySQL powered Forum application until it was replaced by the Simple Machines Forum (SMF) PHP application. The Sploder Forums shut down on August 5, 2018 due to a attack by a rogue admin, but was brought back up on December 30, 2018. However, it was deleted on January, 1 2021. The unofficial replacement for the Sploder Community Forums is the Nem-Creator forums, which is run by fans of Sploder[1].

Categories and Boards


  • Bricc's Mini Game Drop
    • BMGD: Check out Bricc's Mini Game Drop and enter a game! It's a smaller version of EGD so don't worry about making a huge game - check it out!
  • Announcements
    • Announcements: Major events and news regarding both Sploder Main Site and Forums will be posted here.
    • New Member Introductions: Post here and introduce yourself if you are new!
  • General
    • General: One Board to rule them all, One Board to find them, One Board to bring them all and in Lordeldar bind them.
    • Barracks: For those looking for more mature conversations.
    • Personal Exhibition: A board where users can show off their creations!
    • Debate Tower: Round One: Fight.
    • RPFG's,  Forum Games and Contests: Post all your RPFG's, Groups, Contests and FORUM Games here. DO NOT POST SPLODER GAMES HERE
  • Sploder
    • EGD 14 Hype Threads: Post your Epic Game Drop 14 hype threads here rather than Sploder Games!
    • Sploder Games : For sharing, playing, and discussing Sploder games!
    • Main Site Office: This is the place for Main Site Moderators, Editors, and Reviewers to discuss the several duties of their jobs. When in doubt converse with your fellow peers of your job here.
  • Sploder Archives:
    • Sploder Mainsite Archives: Archives of Mainsite sploder related stuff
    • Board Cleanup: Instead of deleting boards, they will be archived here.


  • Lieutenant League: A private category reserved for those surpassing the rank of Soldier, the Lieutenant.
  • Mod Area: A category where only the highest ranked users can go, Generals+ and Geoff came here to discuss various topics regarding the Forums and Mainsite.


  • Archived Reviewer Applications, Reviewer Applications v.2, and Reviewer Lane: Reviewer recruitment boards, all child boards of Mainsite Archives.
  • MRE: Board containing more recent reviewer recruitment from 2019. Archived under Board Cleanup.
  • JDC Camp
  • Barracks
  • POW Camp
  • The Bunker: Also known as the Major Mobile, it was a private board reserved for those surpassing the rank of Private. Archived under Board Cleanup.
  • Private Compound: A special board for Privates where they could talk and socialize without Soldiers interfering. All Privates or above except Soldiers could see this board.
  • Ideas: Ideas that could improve Sploder go here. Formerly known as Mainsite Ideas.
    • Top Ideas: All the top ideas will be placed here. Child board of ideas.
    • Bugs and Feedback: A place for feedbacks and bugs regarding Sploder Main Site. Child board of ideas.
  • The Lounge: This category was view-able to Hero Members+. It acted as a General except with a more relaxed atmosphere. 
  • Major League: Majors+ discussed important topics regarding the forum in this category. The Lieutenant League replaced this.
  • Major Mobile: Was originally made as a joke by the staff. It was later renamed The Bunker. 
  • Gamerz Plaza: This was a place for users to talk about their upcoming games etc.
  • Community Forum Feedbacks: Feedbacks and ideas regarding Sploder Community Forums.
  • Sploder BLVD: For groups and shops.
  • MS Job Applications: Place to apply for becoming Moderators, Editors and Reviewers.



  • Banned Banned and cannot login.
  • Private: Neutral rank, can see all basic categories.
  • Lieutenant: Can sink, fuse, and splode threads and can see the Lieutenant League. Is the lowest rank that can check user IPs and accept Applicants from joining the forum.
  • General: Can do everything except shut down the forums. Has access to the Mod Area
  • War Veteran: A retired General.
  • Administrator: Has all powers on the forum. Can see every category. Geoff has this rank.


Post-based ranks are achieved by means of posting. Some of the highest post-based ranks have access to special privileges, such as changing their custom title or their display name. 

  1. Magnet: 0-49 posts
  2. Repeller: 50-124 posts
  3. Turret: 125-224 posts
  4. Launcher: 225-349 posts
  5. Drone Turret: 350-499 posts
  6. Speeder: 500-799 posts (Also gives you access to BBCode)
  7. Cruiser: 800-1399 posts
  8. Reverser: 1400-2599 posts
  9. Guard: 2600-4999 posts
  10. Tank: 5000-9999 posts
  11. Heavy Cruiser: 10000-14999 posts
  12. Disruptor: 15000-19999 posts
  13. Koptr: 20000-24999 posts
  14. Centipede: 25000-29999 posts
  15. Bugmeister: 30000-34999 posts
  16. Electropede: 35000-39999 posts
  17. Mogura: 40000-49999 posts
  18. Spider: 50000+ posts


These were the unused, removed or renamed ranks of the Sploder Community Forums. 

  • JDC Camp: Cannot post. Can view only the JDC Camp category. 
  • POW: Can only see and post in the PoW camp category.
  • Applicant: A user waiting to be accepted.
  • Soldier: Can see the Barracks and the Bunker. Obsolete since the Barracks was made available for privates.
  • Commander-In-Chief: Had all powers on the forum. Could see every category. The Administrator rank was the replacement for this rank. 
  • Outcast: Could only see General, Basic Training, and Bugs. Couldn't create discussions. 
  • POW Censored: Could only see PoW.
  • POW Detainee: Could only see Private Messages.
  • No Access: Couldn't log in. Replaced by Giblet.
  • Major: A rank that resembled that of a Lieutenant.


Nem-Creator Forums

The Nem-Creator forums is a replacement of the Sploder Forums that was created by the Sploder member Bricc.

Old Sploder Forums

After the Sploder Forums stopped using vanilla, some people were still nostalgic for the old forums software. As a result, many people created their own Sploder Sploder Forums that used Vanilla 1.0 and used the same theme as the vanilla Sploder Forums.


After the Sploder Forums was shut down, Brocky created a forum using CreateAForum. It was shortlived and was succeeded by

Main article: was a replica of the Sploder Forums that succeeded SploderDB. It was run by Sticki. It was shutdown after the original forums was revived.



A member's page before the switch to SMF).


Profile page of a user in 2013 by Sree

Sploder forums before the maintenance ended.

Sploder forums, sometime in 2019

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