Sploderscience64 is a member on Sploder. He is sometimes active on the main account and he goes on Sploder everyday in accounts pantanilla123456, and thetransporter. He is also always busy in real life, so he manages to go to Sploder everyday, but sometimes 2 days.


Basic Info

Awesomeness: 93%
Level: 250 Games: 179
Friends: 1877 Total Plays: 37,977
Play Time: 0:04 Total Votes: 2,905


Votes cast: 1484 Comments made: 1415 view »
Vote average: Fullstar.pngFullstar.pngFullstar.pngFullstar.pngFullstar.png (rounded-off) Tributes made: 1
Group Memberships: 288 Group Ownerships: 5


5-star faves: 1695 Comments received: 2788
Favorites: 199 Tributes received: 4
Comment rating: 0.8918 Contests won: 4


  • Over the few years, sploderscience64 has many accounts, which most of them now are not used.
  • He achieved 10,000 friends on one of his accounts pantanilla123456 and thetransporter.

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