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About Me:Ohey. Name's Startrek. I have 13 featured games, and is currently withholding the Mainsite Reviewer and Moderator badge. Don't hesitate to drop a hello, or even a small hi on my page while that helps btw
Member of the day on:September 13th 2014

Startrekzooka was a Sploder Mainsite Moderator and Reviewer (until 18th February 2015) with 13 featured games on all his alts, and an Ex-Soldier on the Sploder Community Forums.


'Startrekzooka' was created on the 18th of April 2011, one month after the fall of his older account, Hadiclank21, with whom was banned for over two to three months at the time.

On the first few days of this account, the PPG creator was launched and Startrekzooka made his first ever PPG, named the Coin Collector.

Popularity (Mid 2011)

Later that year, Startrekzooka started to make more PPGs, but due to its limitations, he quickly became recognized for his works. His first contest winner game which was an Art PPG, Giant Meatball attacking The City' made a legitimate justification on this statement. Then came his further two contest winners, A Thousand and One Ways to Kill JB and Mario And Sonic at The Olympics. Startrekzooka created his forum account a month earlier, though he was not steadily active as opposed to the MS until later on during the year.

One week before his third contest winner, Startrekzooka made his first shooter game in a while, Depression which was released on July 15th of 2011. He posted the link to this game on Spidapig's game, Who wants a featured game? and eventually, it was deemed feature worthy by Spidapig who featured it nearly two weeks later.

(Mid to late 2011)

After his first feature, Startrekzooka continued to make some more PPGs, as well as making action-based platformers which did account for his later popularity.

On the 2nd of August of 2011, which was his twelvth birthday, Startrekzooka earned his second feature, Imprisoned. The Beginning, which was minorly later known as his most popular shooter game on Sploder.

Eventually, Startrekzooka ceased from making PPGs after his minorly known Wood Breaker series which was primarly inspired by popular PPG, Break Master by Memorycode, famous PPG maker at the time. Startrekzooka however, continued making platformers such as School Domination, Forbidden Tower and Through Time. Startrekzooka's aim at the time was to earn a feature with the platformer creator. Startrekzooka earned two more featured shooters in the same month, Future Knight: Dragon Slayer and Imprisoned: The Final Chapter. Startrekzooka also made several collabs, however did it not receive as expected due to many of them left hacked. Startrekzooka befriended Patelio03, another famous PPG maker at the time and eventually became best friends. Startrekzooka also met and befriended many active MS users at the time such as BoredgameLordeldar, Aditya75, Kittysocks and Hardgamez77 somewhere early along the way.

Around the same time, Startrekzooka made a mainsite account for his real-life friend at the time, which was given the name, Faisal908. The main owner of the account, within a few weeks abandoned the account therefore Startrekzooka took over the account and made several story-based platformers such as The Dumb Adventures of Dorky, which eventually became very popular and well-known. This sought the opportunity to make further sequels, until he ceased from it after the sixth installment of the series. The first PPG of the account, Arceus Goes On YouTube made a substantial devotion to the account's increasing popularity as it became a contest winner, which was the reason for its high peak in recognition. He later made some other PPGs such as Angry Birds In A Land Of Coke and The Adventure Of The Coke Of Arceus. Eventually, did he begin one of the most series of Sploder that raised the glass a high title of fame, Stewie Goes To Bikini Bottom. Eight installments were made until the account was abandoned completely. The reason being was because he could not remember the password, and many of his fans were left in shock or disbelief after its sudden departure.

After this, Startrekzooka returned to his mainsite account and made more shooters. However, these shooters did not receive the recognition he expected so therefore, he slowed down his activity into shooter making. As well as making platformers, he strived to continue.

Startrekzooka made a sequel to one of his earlier platformers Ancient Spirit, which was given the name Dark Spirit. After a month of waiting for its further recognition, Startrekzooka tried as much as he can to hit the spotlight as he gave it notice on the Sploder Forums. Eventually, his game started to become recognized. Though due to a lack of active editors at the time, the game was not featured until the very end of the year.

On the Sploder Forums, Startrekzooka started to become active. He involved himself in many short RFPGs or games, such as Rebus Puzzles With Usernames by 10000Truths in which he spent most of November that year taking participation. Startrekzooka was soon widely recognized on the Sploder Forums, as he PMed and talked with many users on the forums which led many users to believe that he was firmly capable enough for the Soldier rank. Startrekzooka also befriended Krazykid849 early next month of December and eventually became best friends.

Mainsite Reviewer

On the 13th of December 2011, Startrekzooka received the Reviewer badge after an accepted reviewer application in Brocky's Reviewer Recruitment four days earlier. His first review was released on the same day, It's Time To Get Ready For The Aftermath.. was a review on The Warrior's Inn: Aftermath by Lordeldar.

Towards the very end of the year, Startrekzooka started to become involved with several minor arguments, some of which regarded Santa's existence, which quickly sparked up hatred from Jaggerto (Later known as Kiwibanana). Startrekzooka used a lot of articulate, complex and descriptive language in his case which proved a memorable move, to be remembered by those who stayed from this time. Because of his infleunce into the arts of complexity, many users regarded him as being 'very mature and street-wise' and looked up to him as an idol.

One day, Startrekzooka made a thread regarding the matter that 'Asking for your games to be reviewed' was too much of an ask, as it had became very frequent on the forums from that time. Very quickly, the thread was fused in the General Discussion category by Superluigi77, who was in very his early days as Major at the time. This began to light the fuse between Jaggerto and Startrekzooka, as Jagger criticized Startrek for his 'act' in maturity and the regardure of the 'trying to get promoted' phase. Startrekzooka earned over fifty thanks, and at the same time a high regard of respect as a result of his pose towards high alert. 

Within the last week of December, Startrekzooka republished his game, Dark Spirit and hyped it further on the forums, by stating the bugs overwhelmed that was a minor issue in his own defence.

One day on Tinychat, an unknown user posed as Paradon, going by the nickname 'parry' and who was there on Tinychat at the time was Enzo186, in which Paradon talked to, about his own MS experience in downtime, and asked Enzo186 to feature three games that he never got around to featuring. Dark Spirit was one of them, along with Misfortune by Boredgame and Fat Guy Rules by Blimpy. Due to the low crime of posers on Tinychat at the time, Enzo186 immediately thought this was actually Paradon and gave notice of these three games on the forums that 'Paradon' was going to feature. Superluigi77, online at the time saw the thread and eventually featured them all. Later on during that same day, Paradon happened to view the thread, was quickly unsure of what was going on and eventually led to belief that the 'parry' in Tinychat was primarly a poser in light. This caused huge discussion and row on the forums, which led to precaution or high alert of any further posers on Tinychat. Superluigi77, who quickly realized the mistake, let the games stay featured with the exception of Fat Guy Rules which was only feature-worthy in its time, considering it was a platformer from 2009. This led to confusion through Startrekzooka and Boredgame, earning an unexpected gift for their efforts. Superluigi77 made and fused a thread raising awareness about the rise of posers on Tinychat, and the ability to be made aware of any further incident or situation shall it be fake or strike genuine power into those that are not worthy of their own time.

Therefore, Startrekzooka's fifth feature, Dark Spirit began to pose popularity in his practical progress in the precisionary.


When Netshark, Vinniepaz1234567 and Minerva organized an Official Featuring Centre on the community forums, Startrekzooka PMed Netshark one of his newer platformer games at the time, Beneath The Shadows, which eventually became featured.

Birth Of Xploder584

On the 5th of January, Startrekzooka decided to create a new forum account for his brother out of self-boredom, pretending to be him, called 'Xploder584', intentionally causing a riot on the account, and annoying & hacking other users out of self-guided entertainment. Quickly blaming it on an excuse, users thought to believe Startrekzooka wasn't the culprit, but his brother. The account 'Xploder584' was then PoWed, for posting on the To-Do List and hacking other users on the 10th of January, until April the 19th of that year.

In the month of February, Startrekzooka decided to log into initial account on the mainsite, 'Hadiclank21' which was apparently unbanned on the mainsite, pretending that Hadi was Startrek's cousin to create an alibi, Startrek decided to log into the forum account, Hadiclank, with regards to the alibi. As well as that, 'Jupiterzcries' was another account also created on the MS and forums to sterilize his own popularity. While Startrekzooka's goal was to act serious thinking this would get him his 'Soldier' rank on the forums, Jupitercriez' goal was to let loose and have fun. Startrekzooka eventually managed to gain another Reviewer Badge, this time for Jupitercriez, in the week after the account was created. This quickly arose suspicion, particularly among the mainsite moderators, Jackjoshseb and Casper11.

Startrekzooka also decided to commence the return of Faisal908 for the sake of mainsite popularity, by creating an account 'Faisal908backup' on the mainsite. Continuing the Stewie Goes To Bikini Bottom series, the account stirred up parts of the mainsite once again, although despite it not reaching the same popularity level as the original account had, due to standard advancements in the mainsite.

Startrekzooka, using his Hadiclank21 account, eventually earned his seventh feature, Eclipse, a PPG featured by Jackjoshseb after a post made into Jackjoshseb's Review & Rating Center on the Forums. This quickly became his most popular featured game.

Despite mysterious hackings on the forums, Startrekzooka eventually managed to maintain another account, Hadiclank21 on the forums.

In March of 2012, Startrekzooka took advantage of his real-life friend's forum account, Teadude0987, using that forum account to target certain members such as Jaggertoo, and Youngcaliman, claiming he had Autism, as well as plagiarizing mainsite recruitments. Teadude0987 was quickly PoWed, and eventually gibbled.

In late April, the account 'Xploder584' was eventually unPoWed. Keeping to a fresher intention, the account stayed a little more inactive and under the radar for the next few months.

In June of 2012, Startrekzooka decided to create a forum account for the account 'Faisal908', creating another alibi, stating it to be Startrek's 'second-cousin'. In the same month, the account was PoWed twice for acting stubborn, arrogant and overall, a nuisance. Startrekzooka decided to create a platformer game on that account, Inconsiderate Fortune, which eventually became featured by Moolatycoon on Sto4's Official Featuring Center on the forums. Because of this, several users started to become suspicious, such as Jaggertoo who noticed the platformer skills matched Startrekzooka's.


In the same month, Startrekzooka on the Faisal908 Forum Account, signed to enter Epic Game Drop (EGD) 6, by entering a shooter game, No More Mr Nice Guy, which was eventually featured by Whtever on July the 6th.

Confession Of Hadiclank and Faisal908

One day, on July the 2nd, Deathleaf noticed Startrekzooka has not been online since April the 5th, and decided to make a thread on the forums about it, questioning his whereabouts. One user who posted in the thread, assumed because Startrekzooka and Faisal908 shared the same IP, they are highly likely to be the same person. Startrekzooka, whilst on the Faisal908 account, quickly embarked on the thread, stating that 'Startrekzooka is in his home country, Malaysia for the holidays.' backing up the point that the 'bad' weather over there is affecting his activity. Mrdragon eventually caught suspicion, knowing that he approached Faisal a week earlier with the same question, saying 'Startrek was in Spain'. Tension quickly went uphill from there, which forced Faisal908 to tell users to wait for the truth. Startrekzooka then went on his 'Hadiclank21' account immediately after that to post a confession thread regarding the truth, hidden for the past three years.

After the thread was posted, Startrekzooka (Hadiclank21) asked to be PoWed, out of self-guilt. Hadiclank21 was eventually Detainee PoWed, leaving the Startrekzooka account to be gibbled. Patelio03 requested to Theimage that the Hadiclank21 account should be gibbled, and that the Startrekzooka account should be left PoWed, so he could PM Startrek instead of Hadiclank. Eventually, this request was met. Taking advantage of the situation, Startrekzooka silently evaded by using the 'Xploder584' account, wrapping up to users in various threads that he is not Startrek. This rose disbelief and suspicion, particularly Swallowthesun who requested him to be gibbled. Reacting simultaneously, Xploder decided to behave both as an 'internet troll' and 'shooter creator enthusiasist', although trying hard not to go over the edge. Posting several memes and gifs on his behalf and going a little too far as the time passed, particularly in this thread, was when he let loose to his advantage. On July the 28th, Xploder584 was PoWed for 'trolling' on the most part, particularly making fun of the 'Batman Scene Shooting', which angered several members such as, Troyio, Spellmage and Stanleykitten. Eventually, Xploder584 was PoWed. However, only for that day.

When the Vanilla base of the forums switched to Simple Machines on July the 29th, Startrekzooka was eventually unPoWed, as well as the Xploder584 account, due to the forum change. Xploder584 was left with a warning by the Forum Staff in a PM, however, as a response.

Startrekzooka's reputation suddenly fell to the bottom floor, particularly after his confession a month earlier, in which users started to doubt about him and took advantage by infiltrating his attitude. Startrekzooka decided to give up hope on acting serious, and started to act much more loose than he did in the prior six months. In the days after his thirteenth birthday, he decided to take an unannounced hiatus to leave from the hatred consumed from other members, such as Swallowthesun who threatened to giblet him for the confession, and Spellmage, who called him 'annoying'. Many users Startrekzooka took a step in his friendship circle in that month of August were Nzadamnz21, Splatter, Metallica48 (Ironmonkey) and Budzopen in which his loose behavior started painting its colors.

A week later, Startrekzooka took form of the Xploder584 account. Startrek took advantage of the 'Xploder584' account by having inappropriate signatures, spamming memes as well as offending other users constantly, particularly Deathleaf. Xploder584 eventually became the first user on the Sploder Forums to gain 100 smites based on karma, particularly in roughly an hour. Xploder584 was immediately banned after the incident, although he was only unbanned over a month later. 

When the Xploder584 account returned to status on the 23rd of September, Startrek used that account to gain a much fresher intention and gain a friendlier atmosphere alongside the members. Intending a more enthusiastic and ambitious approach, Startrek decided to work on his shooter skills on the Xploder account.

Regarding mainsite popularity, in November that year, Startrekzooka created the 'Davidmason' account with the alibi of Xploder584 by making PPGs and graphics to boost popularity, alongside the Faisal908backup account to continue the SGTBB series. The Xploder account on the forums was PoWed for two days on one point that month due to claims of being hacked.

In December of 2012, the 'Startrekzooka' account decided to make a quick return by making a Reviewing Center to cater the needs of game-making members. Aiming for the 'Soldier' rank on another angle, Startrek decided to let loose and relax, thinking this was the key. Although on the other side, the 'Xploder584' account was still active, no negative behavior has been emerged since August of that year.

Early to Mid 2013

Startrek still kept to the 'Xploder584' account, attempting to be selective in excessively posting gifs and memes to keep the forum entertained, as well as gaining thanks based on karma.

Particularly in the month of February, memes and gifs were used to advantage despite some amounts caterring to some users' humor, a lot ended up being stale, that this led to him being referred as 'annoying' and 'immature'.

Xploder was eventually threatened PoW for this reason. Xploder was unPowed soon and eventually took a hiatus for about two months.

In that time, the Xploder account earned a feature, Odysseus: Downwashed on the mainsite, on April the 18th.

Forum Alt Streak

During the two months, two new accounts on the forums using a proxy, were created on that expense. 'Raulmenendez' and TheSilentBang. Raulmenendez's alibi, acting as the chillax, career-based allegedly 25-year old, aiming for the 'Soldier' Rank, and TheSilentBang's alibi, acting as the sarcastic, inappropriate and arrogant allegedly 17-year old. Both accounts were PoWed in April from alt suspicion, in which Startrek used the Xploder584 account to confess they were his alts. The three accounts were eventually PoWed, then JDCed for about a month, until May the 27th.

On May the 8th, Startrek created another account, 'Choc50' using a proxy, to evade the JDC sentence of Xploder584 and cause drama on the forums. When Xploder was eventually unJDCed, Xploder account was used to the advantage of threatening Choc50 to stir up further popularity and drama on the forums. Choc50 was quickly banned on the 31st of May however.

Towards June, Startrek created another account 'Summerpink38' on the forums, still hiding alibi to base around his sister to cater the use of further popularity and for the Sploder Prom 2013, hosted by Ironmonkey on the forums.

While the Xploder account was used for humor and entertainment, gifs and memes, and making Sploder Youtube Videos to gain sufficient popularity, Startrekzooka account was used to act loose, relax and mature while the Summerpink account was used to be fairly quiet and under the radar, neglecting the forum headlines, and work on posting drawing pictures and other personal interest.

Continuing the alt streak using proxies, Abokyo was created to inflate drama and humor by bypassing excessively in every post. He was eventually banned in one day. Misssophie was another user created, as a 15-year old female alibi, used to lighten up the Sploder Prom and gain popularity and fanatic interest from the male forum members. Eventually after posting a fake 'selfie' in the Pictures Of People Thread, drama and popularity escalation was gained very quickly, thinking it was actually her. The picture eventually turned out to be fake a few days later by Spellmage, after the dramatic bandwagon of threads titled Sophie on the forums made by several male forum members to fight for her hand. The Missophie account eventually gave up and left, and was left untouched until later on that month.

Other accounts, such as Zfamily and Samantha1130 were also created to stir upmore drama and humor on the forums. Both accounts were used to PM random users strong PORNOGRAPHY images, which eventually led to the ban sentence of both accounts. Misssophie was then returned to commit the same offense, as well as having a bypassing signature which led to the same immediate ban sentence.

In the same month, the next alt, Moehaha was registered. This account was used to stir up humor and entertainment, particularly the infamous 'bathroom story' thread.

On one occasion, Xploder was PoWed for having the same IP as Moehaha although Xploder explained that he was hacked. Xploder, to that belief, was unPoWed. Moehaha was possibly the longest proxy alt used, until its ban when it left on a dramatic note by logging in to two other proxy accounts, kissmex and ananamus with the same message, Moehaha is hot to add the spice to the Buddycocoloco chaos. With that suspicion, the three proxy alts were banned.

During/before this time, the Xploder584 account was however, still under the radar in the midst of this and still followed the passionate intention of gifs and memes to cultivate the humor needs on the forums. Xploder was grunted some time later for about a week for posting a fake thread about rules in the Announcements category, for the sake of entertainment. However, acting slightly more pervertic as the time went, he involved in a 'love' fight against Vinnie3 for the hand of Furfurrykitty (FFK). Gaining a lower reputation, Xploder eventually reacted by spamming the same gif, used as an 'OWNAGE' pic to troll particular users on the forums. Xploder was PoWed quickly for that reason. Xploder was then unPoWed later that day. Xploder began to uplift suicide threads and notify the lack of self-importance, and this led to insecure drama and a lower reputation on the forums. Bumping old threads on purpose and thought to have offended Jaggertoo's deceased parents in a PM on accident at another stage, as well as that, posing as Editors on Tinychat to feature particular games and spamming hidden music in threads which led to the establishment of the rule of no music in threads, The Xploder account was eventually PoWed again in early July, despite the midst of the Sploder Prom, and the further coming Epic Game Drop 7, in which he entered Odysseus: Young TridentsLetsparty, an account abandoned by Amdri was given to Xploder584 at that point to use, and that account was used to gain humor and drama on the forums in the midst of evasion. Xploder was unPoWed on July the 15th, because of false accusation of offending Jaggertoo's deceased parents in the end. 


Startrek using his Startrekzooka account to enter Beneath The Shadows II for EGD, and Summerpink38's account to enter his first Arcade game made, Little Girl. Both games eventually got featured. Odysseus: Young Tridents did not get featured due to its very laggy structure, and its dramatic long length.

Mainsite Moderator / Xploder584's Forum Ban

Startrek used his Startrekzooka account to apply for MSM, and eventually his application got accepted and succeeded the voting process. On the 25th of July, Startrekzooka was promoted Mainsite Moderator.

Xploder584 was eventually gibbled by Tbremise on the same day on the forums, for posting a quick pornography picture out of self-boredom. Only a few members saw the image until he removed it quickly.

Despite this, Summerpink38 still remained although very inactive on purpose for the sake of trying to gain less suspicion.

Buddycocoloco chaos - Hiatus from Drama

In the midst of the infamous Buddycocoloco chaos in July/August 2013, Startrekzooka, even on his Startrek account decided to take a hiatus from the forums because of the ongoing drama, as well as focusing on real life ambitions.

On September 14th, the Startrekzooka account started the nearly year-long hiatus.


Startrekzooka decided to return with the alibi of Xploder584 account by creating 'Teenagegamer581'. Confessing about Xploder584 on that account, he was nonetheless granted the stay despite his past. To be safe, it was left inactive after that.

Startrekzooka did come back to that account in March to remain slightly active in the Debate Tower on the forums, although leaving again the same month.


In June, the account Teenagegamer581 made its return, as well as the Startrekzooka account, using it to enter Beneath The Shadows III for EGD 8, which eventually earned its feature.

Startrekzooka's intention for Teenagegamer581 was to not cause drama and act sympathetic in a way that lessons has been learned, because Startrek understood that he didn't want to cultivate any drama for that purpose on further accounts. Although sparking up a slightly dramatic fit in Debate threads here and there, it wasn't to the level that Xploder584 once was.

Xploder584/Teenagegamer581's Departure

However due to the slow business on the forums and own self-guilt, Startrek decided to purposely pretend the Teenagegamer581 account was hacked after making a sadistic leaving thread, so Teenagegamer was PoWed for that reason. Using the Teenagegamer account, said that he asked to be gibbled because of the multiple Xploder584 PoW offenses in the past. Teenagegamer581 was eventually gibbled by self-request.

This allowed Startrek to stay active within his Startrekzooka account, still behaving loose, responsible and mature as it quickly became routine to act like that. Due to boredom, Startrek created Persiansauce on a US proxy, which was eventually PoWed for climatic behavior - bypassing, making fun of Ebola and having a high enough warning level.

As well as that, Startrek used a proxy to create numerous inappropriate accounts on the MS out of joy such as Wetfrodoinbed, Ebolafriedchicks and another account with a vivid name which somehow became Member of the Day. However, as the Startrek account being a moderator, he quickly banned these accounts to deraise the suspicion and for self-achievement.

Soldier Rank

On September the 11th, Startrekzooka was eventually promoted to Soldier on the Sploder Forums. Which follows in accordance to his three year-long wish to be one, Startrek decided to be himself and let loose.

Startrek applied to be a judge in a PM for SGD in late October and got accepted by Sto4.

Deletion & Revival of Forum Account

However, the aspect of self-guilt never disappeared in those couple of months. On November the 7th, Startrek deleted his account for that reason, without letting anyone know.

He was immediately dethroned from judge for SGD for deleting his account. Startrekzooka returned to his 'Hadiclank21' account which was PoWed to consult a bargain with Moolatycoon about which account to use on the return.

Startrek decided to make another account titled the same username, 'Startrekzooka'. Like it was never deleted, Moolatycoon gave back the Soldier priviledge and changed the Registration Date from November 7 2014 to June 19 '2011, which was the original Startrekzooka account's registration date.

Final Confession

However, peaking up to self-guilt, Startrek felt he couldn't deserve his rank because of still being self-reminded of his alts which were not revealed to be his yet. He later hinted that on Tinychat. Later that same day of November the 29th, Startrekzooka confessed that he was Xploder584, Summerpink38 and the various proxy alts. This set the uphill of speculation, shock and unbelieving excitement on the forums. Due to this, Startrek was PoWed for a day before returning to Private status.

Startrek remained quiet to support his self-guilt, until he made a hype thread for his three-year platformer project, Fight The Darkness. As well as that, Startrek helped the gaming aspect of the forums by promoting Gamefest.


On January the 2nd, Startrek made a Time Capsule 2015 Video to post into the Time Capsule thread, received with positive criticism.

Sploder Time Capsule 2015 - Nostalgism Lane-0

Sploder Time Capsule 2015 - Nostalgism Lane-0

In the midst of the Neptus alting incident, Startrek decided to help out by pointing fingers towards Serenderpity and Fxie, both alts of Neptus.

On the forums, Neptus took the approach as expire, who eventually met his aim to be strong friends with Startrek, particularly in Startrek's popular how is everybody thread. Startrek's aim at that moment was to take a hiatus, and this was attempted a couple of times, although he stlll kept returning. After visiting a party event on tinychat, Startrek met expire, who revealed to be Neptus, promising Startrek not to tell anyone.

Sploder Prom 2015 - Neptus Incident

This promise was kept for weeks, in which Startrek regularly visited Neptus on tiny on a daily basis to share each other's life ambitions and secrets, as well as the plan of smuggling Neptus's newer alt, ruqa on the forums for the aim of positive enthusiastic ambitions. Neptus even allowed gained access to Startrek's hidden unbanned alt, hadiclank210 for the same reason.

In the week of February's Valentines Day, the Sploder Prom 2015, Startrek decided to inform Pikajoey of the incident, believing this was the wisest thing to do, knowing it was self-guilt returning to overtake him.

Startrek informed others such as Monique16, Aaqib, Wiktor3, Jakey101 and Jomatt99., before he was eventually PoWed on February the 17th, to consult with Budzopen about this incident.

Startrek told the full story in detail, even particularly his involvement with expire, and this led to the decision by the forum moderators to remove Startrekzooka's Moderator and Reviewer priviledges on February the 18th.

Forum Ban

On February the 19th, Startrekzooka was eventually IP Gibbled on the Sploder Forums.

On February the 20th, 21st and 22nd, Startrek logged into two of his banned forum alts (which somehow had the ability to PM), krazytails and ananamus to PM various members regarding his forum ban and his apology for doing so.

Plasticool saw this as an advantage and met Startrek on tiny, who told him to log into all his alts. Startrek, knowing no harm in doing so, did but quickly realized that Plasticool was going to use him at some point, so Startrek decided to change all his passwords just in that case, and avoided sight of Plasticool in the case of something similar to the Neptus incident.

2015 - Aftermath

Last Alt

In April, Startrek used an alt, plbstudio/rodrigo98, by spanish proxy, to pretend as a hidden ironmonkey on the Sploder Forums while maintaining an unknown spanish alibi. Because he was told by a certain member on tinychat (while posing as plbstudio) to bring back drama to the forums, Startrek used the plbstudio account to create a thread directed at stereotyping young teens and children about how foolish they are, quickly leading to a short tension and a flame war. Being called 'pretentious' on several occasions throughout that thread,  he also received a giblet sentence by Ripto, who immediately knew who he was, possibly to the IP leakage in one of plb's threads. Cyclone43 thought he was Ironmonkey, noticed by the style of Plbstudio's posts. Spidapig quickly denied that claim.

Startrek felt that Ripto knew it was him, so he decided to commit to his three-year sentence instead of waiting a year and a half for the ban appeal, in case Ripto knew.

Boost Points Exploit

In May, Startrekzooka figured out how to exploit Boost Points on the Mainsite, and earned 1.2 trillion boost points as a result, using his Faisal908backup account and Hadiclank21.

For the next two months, Startrek ended up spending all his boost points on PPG challenges by the Faisal908backup account, until the last one billion boost points remained. This eventually marked the departure of Faisal908backup being in use.

Long Departure

One month later, Startrek decided to start the hiatus by leaving the MS on the 23rd of August 2015. His last comment was posted on Patelio03's page informing him of his leave:

I need to sort out my life..could be until after uni (not long left) or maybe foreverr. Idk.. but either way, I'll see you in a jiffy man!!!    I'll miss ya!

However, Startrek's prints can still be marked on Sploder's Plug DJ every once and a while. This hints Startrek may return someday in the brink of change, only limited by his real-life and academic relieves and ambitions.

Startrekzooka's ban appeal sentence could be as late as October the 22nd 2015, or alternatively, his ban expiry date on April 22nd 2018.

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