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Sticki has gone through a lot since he switched accounts. First remaining inscribe, he later made only a few games, far from the same quality as games published on other accounts. On the forums though, he was the founder of the most well known rapping group RappaR, which is now inactive due to the banning of Sticki. In June of 2014, he was banned for excessive bypassing. As failed attempts to come back, all of his accounts with their status are listed below.

Sticki has plans to bring RappaR somewhere else on the Internet, but for now, his history on Sploder is only a memory. Except that he came back as Nextet and is now highly respected on the Forums.

This is a list of the known Cashin95 accounts. All are noted for being inactive on the mainsite. Forum related statuses are listed beside the known following accounts however.

1. Cashin95 - First account, giblet on forums.

2. Cashin90 - Sister account, not on forums.

3. Sticki - Main account, active on the forums.

4. Dicey - Alt, giblet on forums.

5. Titletown - Alt, giblet on forums.

6. Kidkudos - Alt, inactive on forums.