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Strikerhawk 96


Real Name:Unknown
Age:Unknown years old
Birth Date:July 02
Country:United states United States
Joined:January 2015
Member of the Day on:March 16th, 2015

Strikerhawk is a great Sploder member who joined in the middle of January 2015.

Middle carrer

It began nearly when Strikerhawk became the member of the day on 16th of March. Many people came to congratulate him and to play his games.Soon, he reached 1,000 views in total.By that time, he got interested in shooter games. He did not have much experience at first, so he asked some advanced members about it. They helped him, and soon he was creating professional classic games. Learning Experience 1 and 2 are his last but most advanced games so far. Nearly retired Sploder member, 5mister, noticed the new talent and became friends with him.They made tributes to each other and Strikerhawk was one of the reasons why 5mister woke up after 7 months of inactivity. Strikerhawk has a high number of awards, 83 for now. He was lucky one night when he earned 5 million boost points and became one of the richest Sploderians. 

Current Period

After creating Learning Experience 2, Strikerhawk lost the ability to have people see his online status due to technical issues, but he could still see other people's online status. He also became less active due to his vacation in Italy, where he had great time. He returned right before his birthday, July 2nd. Even though Strikerhawk did not make games, he was still getting views and has over 1,230 for now, pretty good amount of views with only 2 pages of published games. Strikerhawk even won a boost auction. Thebluesun reviewed his game, Transporter 1 , on YouTube and he was one of the potential members of the month on Sploder Game Reviews.

He currently has almost 2.5 billion boost points, which he keeps stockpiling due to not needing to use them.


Strikerhawk performs at his best with the Platformer and Physics creator. He makes above average, but not the best, games. 


Strikerhawk is kind, social and helpful person. Unlike nearly all people his age, he uses grammar rules, which is a very good habit.

About Me

I am a sociable sploderian who is your friend. I'm a homeschooler, so I'm able to come online often. I love sploder and all my friends.

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