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Supersonic2014 96
Joined:In 2014
Last Visit:Unknown or Variable
Total Plays:4,377
Contests Won:1
About Me:Hi, I'm supersonic2014. Actually, I'm Dark Sonic. I'M A BOY. (wrote with big letters to make sure everyone sees this) I'm friendly, but sometimes I can ragequit. I hate DeviantArt. ('v')
Member of the day on:January 7th, 2016

Supersonic2014 is a player who obviously joined in 2014 from his username. He tried to make his avatar look like the actual Supersonic the Hedgehog. He does act heroic in Sploder and does not stand wrong doing. He is helping to stop the hacker Nightshield10 (AKA Nightshield112) because he insults members, for example Theundead101. Supersonic2014 doesn't really make Sonic games but games about himself usually. He is friends with LightningShadow and Tristanttttttttt. He is a huge fan of LightningShadow since he comments on his profile everyday he is active. Usually he makes sure LightningShadow is on Sploderheads when he goes on there too.


Supersonic2014 REALLY hates the hacker Nightshield10 since he also insults Supersonic2014 himself. He is always telling LightningShadow that they should stop NS10 or he will leave Sploder. LightningShadow told him lots of times that he would help to deal with the situation. LS2 even made a game encouraging lots of users to work together to stop him. Recently Nightshield10 and all his alts were suspended, but still there is a lot of hackers that are destroying Sploder.

Since Nightshield10 became good, he doesn't rage at him that much. He now rages at Battexsam and Vonhaxer3.


  • He bests any Sonic the Hedgehog fan.
  • He really hates bad users and hackers.
  • He even made a group called "Stop the hacking!" and told his friends to join.
  • He is spreading the word #SaveSploder.
  • He wants to log in Scratch if his account would be hacked and if Scratch won't have any hackers.
  • He gets really annoyed when people feature him in inappropriate games, especially what they say he is female.
  • He despises people who make inappropriate games on Sonic characters.
  • He is named after Super Sonic, a transformation of sonic when the seven Chaos Emeralds are collected and used.
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