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The sword as a weapon in Platformer.

The Sword is the Player's main weapon in the Platformer creator games, and has an unlimited amount of hitting and damaging production to enemies. Another variation of the sword, the "Big Sword," has much more power than the regular sword, but has limited hitting production.
Big sword

The Big Sword.

On the left of this picture, you will see the player using the sword to battle a thug.

Other uses

The Big Sword in the Platformer has more uses than to damage an Enemy repeatedly. If the player swings in the air, and hits while crashing, the damage the enemy will take will be 3 times the original amount. A Ninja, a Thor, and a Thug are capable of this as well with their weapons.

The sword is also used to climb tiles, bricks, and other platforms. By hitting the sword repeatedly against a tile or brick, it will cause the player to climb until the limit is reached.

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