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The Texture Creator is a texture generator for the Physics Puzzle Maker and the Platformer Creator and to the Arcade Creator. It was released in early autumn of 2013, a few months after the release of the Graphics Creator.


  • The texture creator in physics puzzle maker and platformer creator bear a strong resemblance to the Retro arcade creator texture creator.


  • Shape Color
  • Line Color

  1. Geometry Preset (Random Shuffle)-

- Shapes: Stone/Brick Bevel Width + Mortar Width (Settings)

Vertical - Yes/No

Bricks A (Settings - Circle Dial)

Bricks B (Settings - Circle Dial)

Courses (Settings - Circle Dial)

Settings (Circle Dial) - Offset A, Offset B, Offset C + Interleave

Perturb Amount + Perturb Angle (Settings - Circle Dial)

2. Rendering Preset (Random Shuffle)-

Light Color Settings & Shadow Color Settings (Color Generator Dial)

Light Power + Light Angle Settings (Circle Dial)

Exposure Settings (Level Switch)

Depth Color, Backlight Color Settings (Circle Dial)

Depth Factor + Roundness Settings (Circle Dial)

Grade (Level Switch) + Block Setting (Mini Level Switch)

Noise (Circle Dial) + Noise Scale (Circle Dial) + Blur (Circle Dial)

Total Colors (Level Switch - Maximum 16)

Dither Style (Selection Button)

3. Preview

- Close Zoom

- Medium Zoom

- Far Zoom


Platformer Creator - Blocks & Tiles (Destination Between Large Tile and Brick)

Physics Creator - Paint Tool - Block Image Tool (Between Flip Guy Mini-Tool and Eye Layer Mini-Tool)

Arcade Game Creator - Right Hand Side (Underneath the Enemies Button)


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