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The EPIC Game Library is a hand-picked, curated listing of some of the best games on Sploder; these games are listed oldest to newest based on original game dates, so as you scroll down you'll see how 'epic games' have progressed over time. We'll be adding more games as members choose them, so check back every now and again!

―The Epic Game Library

The Epic Game Library (EGL) is a page on Sploder containing some of the most top-notch games on the site. All games in the EGL are thrilling, puzzle-filled, and challenging masterpieces composed by some of the best game-makers to ever join the site, some of which are tookewl, youngcaliman, bobbler, and moolatycoon. Here is a list of the current inductees along with their descriptions:

Psychotic Pong 3

By youngcaliman

Youngcaliman is becoming one of the best game makers Sploder has ever had, I think it's agreeable that he's the best game maker of present times; and he's come out with another awesome game. Psychotic Pong 3 not only live​d up to the hype, but it surpassed it. If you're interested in puzzle games, Psy Pong 3 is the one for you, with more creative and intricate puzzles then before, with seemingly nothing in the game without a use. Not to mention the fact that Young has created possibly the best PPG Boss Battle to date, keeping the puzzling aspects but also making it intense, more margin for error and makes you keep rushing about for practically the whole time, making it all the more difficult to beat the game.

Two Souls One Goal

By youngcaliman

There are only a handful of Sploder members that can make a quality 3D game, Youngcaliman is one of them. With Two Souls One Goal, we've witnessed a lot of things, and at least one seemingly revolutionizing the Algorithm creator, which was going back and forth between levels and hitting switches to unlock parts of previous levels; it's something that we haven't seen before, at least not in the way Young did it. Oh, Two Souls One Goal isn't a one trick pony either, Young wrote a fantastic on going poem throughout the game which really brings the player close to the game, even bring tears to someone's eyes (*ahem* tookewl). Anyway, there were many more puzzles throughout the game, and something that I haven't seen often from Young was some intense action, which makes you need to strategize on how you attack as well as figuring out the puzzles. Young used the objects in the creator to his advantage and used a few in ways they haven't been used before. The scenery also plays a part in this game, if you ever get to the end of the game (or just watch it on Youtube) you'll realize what everything means and why it's there. All in all, Two Souls One Goal shows that the Algorithm creator isn't as limited as it seems, which is why it's been inducted into the EGL.

Paint it Black

By youngcaliman

Paint It Black is Youngcaliman's second platformer voted into the EGL. The moment it came out there was something special about it. For the first time ever, the story seems to actually help the gameplay. You will find a fair dose of symbolism in every level of this game. The story actually paints out the gameplay. The story isn't the only thing that makes this game worthy of being called epic though. You will find many great puzzles, and memorable boss fights. You may also want to go into this game expecting a challenge. It's not as hard as other games, but it may still result in flying fists. In the end, you shouldn't be dissatisfied with this wonderful game.

Number 4

By defensified 

Defensified (also known as Mrdragon) is especially known for his creative style when it comes to the shooter creator, and this creation especially is nothing short of amazing. This game introduces very original puzzles and tricks from the very beginning. Number 4 is a very intense shooter, and only those who are determined enough will be able to complete this game. However, if you are able to witness a majority of what the game has to offer, you will discover sequences of game play that you will not find in any other shooter on the site. Number 4 also offers an engaging storyline that allows the puzzles to come together in a way that will certainly leave you awestruck. Number 4 is truly an innovative creation designed by a master when it comes to the shooter creator. Number 4 is certainly one of the best shooters on the site, and thus deserves a spot amongst the best.

Lonely Roads

By spellmage

Lonely Roads is truly a game of epic proportions. Not only is it long, hard, and creative, it is also the first real multi leveled RPG to ever be inducted into the EGL. It could also be one if not the longest game ever created on sploder, taking at least 2 hours to complete all that the game has to offer. Spell has created a brilliant work of art, not to mention the sheer amount of effort put into this game. This game definitely deserves it spot amongst the other greatest games. The ideas Spell was able to create were beyond many others, making one of the best RPG's on this site, not to mention that this is Spell's first platformer making it even more impressive that he has come this far in one try. This game very well takes it spot on the shelves of the Epic Game Library.

Quest Zone

By moolatycoon

Quest Zone is the first multi-level'd puzzle platformer ever to be inducted into the Epic Game Library, and it's obvious to see that this game would stand out in a crowd. Credit must be given to Stanleykitten for creating the scenery in this game, and with good reason. The visually appealing maps that were designed by Stanley allows the puzzles to shine even brighter, as it is perhaps some of the best scenery ever used in a platformer. Moolatycoon created the rest of the game, including the marvelous variety of puzzles. Each level is a different theme, and each theme utilizes different puzzles that match the theme beautifully. Much thought was put into each level in every aspect of the game. With the combination of StanleyKitten's stunning scenery and Moolatycoon's enticing array of puzzles, Quest Zone has rightfully earned a space within the Epic Game Library shelves.

Psychotic Pong 2

By youngcaliman

On Sploder, we have some innovative and creative games, and if there is a game that fits those two adjectives, it's Psychotic Pong 2 by Youngcaliman. Youngcaliman was able to turn the simple game of Pong into something more. He used creative puzzles of moving the ball between zones and to the end goal. This game has been the basis for many others, and is revolutionary amongst other PPGs, utilizing the camera to create intricate puzzles, and making the player think about where and what they are going to do next. Psychotic Pong 2 is truly an innovative creation.


By defensified

This isn't just the name of the game. Energy is something that you'll need to complete this game. There are puzzles at every turn, some recycled some new. This however, is not what made this game different from other ones. The way he used switchpolys in this game was revolutionary. It's not going to be given away, so you'll just have to play the game to find out.

Black Widow

By youngcaliman

Black Widow is a platformer of epic proportions. At first glance this game may seem like your average platformer, but when/if you ever get to the end of this very difficult game, you will find that it is brilliant. Even the background, which seems a bit plain serves a great purpose in this game. This game brings forth some new puzzles and a great maze-like gameplay. Whether you get to the end of the game or not, you will not be disappointed.

Protraction 5

By whtever

An epic game from an epic creater with an epic storyline; Protraction 5 brings us a great gaming experianced that is matched by no other. Whtever once again has delivered a deliberate punch of awesomeness expressed perfectly within the details in the game. With great intent, the game's puzzles and challenges are voluntarily legendary, and worthily has taken it's place amongst the greatest games in Sploder where it shall forever reside.

One Hit Phil

By shayminlord789

Shayminlord is known for making very hard games of high quality. So, what makes this one different? For a start, this game gives a constant challenge, where one hit will usually kill you with well placed traps and puzzles. The game is long enough to compete to see who can go the farthest without having to worry about a quick end, due to this the game is very addicting. While it lacks in scenery, it's lack of lag and great game-play steals the show. The game may not be for everyone, but those who are skilled enough to get far into it will enjoy it immensely.


By bobbler

A lot of thought and effort went into CyberGangstar, Bobbler's latest offering in the platformer genre. Bobbler adds a funny storyline that's full of slang and stereotypes, while upholding a somewhat serious tone. A open-world, sandbox-style theme has a presence throughout the game as the gamer has the option to race through the game or find everything that CyberGangstar has to offer. Stylized action sequences and puzzles are laced throughout the game, just one of the many reasons why it rests on Epic Game Library's shelves now.


By superpiggy

Opprobrium is an impressive platformer in every sense of the word. Firstly, it hooks the player in with an ingenious puzzle, and it gets better from there, because Superpiggy introduces a plethora of new puzzles, puzzles that made uses of the new objects of the platformer update that no one had ever thought of before, all working to keep the player guessing and having fun. These puzzles would go on to be seen in a lot of platformers afterwards, and are still widely used today. Oh, and how could I not leave out that this game is quite possibly the longest single-level platformer ever created? That's right, its an array of clever puzzles, surprises, and intense action, lasting a good 20 minutes. This game is no doubt one of THE best of the newer platformers.

Pausing Physics 

By whtever

Pausing Physics is a beyond unique game produced by the one and only Whtever. This game is truly outstanding because of the original game-play. Whtever found an amazing glitch and adopted it into his entire game. Not only does he force you to use the glitch, but incredibly, he made you complete brain-bursting multiple puzzles with this exciting glitch! These puzzles were well thought out and inspirational. The entire concept of this game was brilliant, and I am pleased to announce that Whtever really nailed this platformer.


By liv33vil

There are many unusual things about this game name choice, so, everyone should check it out. Flicker had revelotionized sploder from the begining on, from atleast my opinion because it had the puzzle-poly flicking on+off one after the other and so on throught the entire game. Liv33vil had incourperated one of the best techniques yet, which, therefore makes this game reveloutionary in my perspective. It is evident that Flicker has many great techniques, puzzles, and difficulty.

Defeat the Yeti

By bgscurtis

From what I've seen, Bgscurtis' games are top-notch. Well, this game included was not just top-notch, it broke my applouse-o-meter. Well, Defeat The Yeti reveloutionized sploder because of its capability of health, action, and hunting of crystals. This game had some hard-to-reach crystal places and was frustrating me throughout the entire game. However, there was a downer in this could easily skip some enemies that were obviouslly misplaced. There was decent enemy placement except for those flaws. Consequently, Defeat The Yeti had great action, health placement, objective placement and much more!

Super Mario Galaxy 2

By neal

This game doesn't really revolutionize anything, but amount of effort and love that went into the creation of this, and the fact that neal found a way to twist ordinary sequences into new things by introducing new yet subtle soltuions to things we thought were already figured out, coupled with the obvious nods to mario games and platformers alike, with the sly yet brilliant commentary on all sploder games that was evident throughout this entire game.....neal has pulled off not only an amazing feat, but has completely changed the landscape of platformers as we know them.

All This Life

By checkthepan

One of the most overwhelming games ever created on a Sploder engine, All This Life sends you into a world where nowhere is safe, and as soon as you go through a telaporter to escape the first danger, you are immediately thrown into something even more dangerous. It's a game that manages to be entirely lagless and includes a few brilliant puzzles.

Bitium Physics 

By checkthepan

Checkthepan is known to many as the best maze game maker on Sploder, and this is quite possibly his best maze game. In fact, many think this is his best game in general.

Bloodymare 2

By lahdeedah

Possibly the most difficult game that isn't completely impossible, as well as possibly the LONGEST game on the site, Bloodymare 2 takes what the first in the series did and revisions it into a truely epic game.


By tookewl

A game of truely epic proportions. Rest assured, you will see many more games by Tookewl as this list continues. The gameplay is amazing, with epic bosses, brilliant puzzles, and unique action sequences. But what truely makes this game quite possibly the best on the site is the plot. Tookewl does what no other game maker had ever done before him - and what very few did even after the game - and wrote one of the most graphic, emotional, and one of the longest plots in the history of Sploder. My personal favorite game. 


By tookewl

As far as I'm concerned, Tookewl is the best game maker on the website. And there are a very large number of users on the site who consider Duck the best game on the entire website. This is a game where you have multiple options, where you can go straight to the end in minutes, or spend about a half hour attempting to find everything that the game has to offer. It's an exploration game.


By bobbler

Most members consider Bobbler the greatest platformer game maker, and this assumption is not without reason. EpicX was a very good game, if a bit short. This game fixes what few flaws the origional had, and adds in things you've never seen done on a platformer before.


By tookewl

Quite possibly the first puzzle game on Sploder, Escapee revolutionized game making in ways that members who weren't around when it was published have no idea. Perhaps it isn't the greatest games on the website, in terms of gameplay. But sometimes I wish more users would play games like this, if only to see what a truely amazing game looks like.

Fear of Death

By bgscurtis

Curtis is an amazing game maker, make no mistake. But there's just something about this game that makes it one of the best on the site. Perfect item placement, brilliant puzzles, and traps that could make Chuck Norris cry - You'll find them all here.

Game Raterz

By gameraterz

Game Raterz is a game that looks amazing, is a great amount of fun to play, and was the first game by one of the best game makers on the site.

Game Raterz 2

By gameraterz

Bigger and better then the origional, and just as fun. Some may say it's more of the same, I would say that considering how amazing part one was, that's not entirely a bad thing.

Game Raterz 3

By gameraterz

Yep, that's right. Yet another Game Raterz game. Yes, the games were that good. No description needed.

Him: The Enraged 

By darut1234

A great game by our very own Darut1234. Brings you close to death in a matter of seconds, forcing you to try over and over to survive the first couple of seconds! Extremely intense, this game will make you want to win, simply so you can get this amazing game over with!

Liv33vil Challenge

By liv33vil

A very well-designed game which looks great, works laglessly, and is very addicting. The first puzzle alone is brilliant, and it only gets better from there.

Locked In

By tookewl

Featuring quite possibly the greatest boss in the history of Sploder, as well as very clever puzzles and rooms, Locked In is quite possibly Tookewl's best game.


By darut1234

Heart-bouding action is included in this game by the creator, Darut1234! When you are csplode to death than headless person with no body, you must fight to find an escape, and quick, which is what makes this game so darn good. Awesomely made, this game deserves to be on this list.

Quantium Physics 

By checkthepan

Yet another great maze game by Checkthepan. It's not quite as amazing as Bitium Physics was, but it still defined the maze genre of games in a way that members seldom do. Long live Checkthepan.

Red Alert: Plane

By neal

One of the most intense platformer games ever created. Every second, you're mere inches away from falling to the bottom and having to restart. There will be moments where you are about to fall, only to save yourself in the nick of time with your Grapple. It's short, but sweet.


By 7grant2

The gameplay is pretty good, but the real reason members remember this game was the way this game revolutionized platformer decorations. 7grant2 was posssibly the first to notice that with this feature, he could now make his game look like truely amazing.


By bobbler

Up there with Duck as the king and queens of Sploder robot games. In fact, it's a lot like Duck, in the way that you can play straight through it or attempt to find everything that the game offers. The lag is a bit of a problem, but not enough so to make the game anything less then amazing.

The One

By obeliskos

This is a very old game, published on March 6, 2008. Back when it was released, Obe and Tookewl really were the only good game makers on the site. Back then, this was probably the best game on the site, and nowadays it's still a great amount of fun. What it did for game making on the website is amazing, and any list of the best games on Sploder that doesn't have The One near or at the top is a very uninformed list.


By thrash56

This game has no enemies. Which is amazing to me how it is still so hard. This game's puzzles are great. This game brought out where your jumping and you have to climb your way up. This game made it because the advancement in jumping puzzles and traps that have now been brought into platformer.

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Epic Game Library

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