The Scientist
What he looks like.


The Algorithm Crew

The Scientist is an person in The Algorithm Crew games, and so far he only appears in the Rescue the Scientist Missions.

He first starts trapped in an prison, the player has to upload an virus to the access terminal to disarm the cell, so the prison will disappear, freeing him.

The Scientist has no weapon and does not have any attacks, it is the only person to not have an weapon and attacks or abilities.


The Scientist behaves well, the scientist may have been an genius, if the scientist dies in-game, the player will automatically fail the Rescue The Scientist Mission. So the player has to make it to the/an level's end with the scientist alive. But not much is known about his behaviour.


  • The Scientist is immortal, this applies to the player's partner.
  • When you free him, an silhouette of him will appear on the bottom-right of the screen. When you kill an enemy, it will say "nice shot".
  • The Scientist is an NPC.
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