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Total Plays:135,531
Contests Won:20
About Me:Moderator and YouTuber/Sploder Member
Name:Oliver Eaton
Member of the day on:October 19th 2014 and February 15th 2015


Thebluesun is a YouTuber/Sploder member who joined about 2 years ago. He is a MS Moderator. He is pretty well known for his "Sploder Game Reviews" series on YouTube. People usually just ask him to review their games and they sometimes get featured in future episodes. He is also very popular with his astonishing 60,000+ views and 46 games.


The beginning of Thebluesun.

TheBluesun started out by publishing 3D based games, like Spongebob 3D Land, that gained him popularity instantly. This led to his first contest winner. He then released his most viewed game "1000 Ways to Kill Toad", however after this TheBlueSun started getting hate from other members what led him to leave Sploder for several months.

He later came back to people who had forgotten the fights and he resumed from where he left off. He continued to create massive games and got great views gaining him 10 more contest winners. In this period he released some of his most popular games; Red Ball, Chalk N Cheese, Mini Golf and Prop Hunt.

TheBlueSun gained Member of The Day in October 19th 2014 however failed to win Member of the Week. The boost point auction has also seen TheBlueSun win several of them. This includes Snowball Life, Darkville I and most recently Ski Jump.

2015 "The Golden Year"

He created his new YouTube series on his channel, "Sploder Game Reviews". This show saw him reviewing 3 members games normally after they had requested them on Sploder. This show even seems popular with Geoff who regually promotes the series via Social Media.


Member of the Day Glitch

At the beginning of 2015 he sent his first application to become a moderator of the Sploder Main-site and a week later, he was accepted. In February Thebluesun managed to win his 12th Contest winner with his game "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" what he released months ago.

On February 15th 2015 thebluesun won once again the Member of the Day, this a glitch as members can only win once. The actual winner was fockoff however due to this user being suspended Geoff who loved thebluesun's work on YouTube, chose him to become Member of the Day again!

This month also saw Thebluesun reach a view milestone of 60,000 views. A week after, for 3 consecutive weeks he won the contest with "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge", "Ski Jump" and "Red Ball 3D 2".

In March thebluesun confirmed that he would be hosting a Q&A session with the creator Geoff and is requesting questions for the show in April.


  • Thebluesun and Geoff are the only members to win MotD more than once.
  • Before TheBlueSun, He used his other accounts Gameon100 and Yellowshadow.
  • He and Geoff have agreed to host a Q&A session!
  • His brother regularly uses Sploder (Coreye101).
  • He joined forces with Boytucker to make a collab account called Thetuckersun.
  • He studies Computer Science, Graphics and Geography.
  • "Sploder Game Reviews" is filmed in his bedroom.
Sploder Game Reviews Episode 1-0

Sploder Game Reviews Episode 1-0

"Sploder Game Reviews"

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