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"Just your average 16 year old Brit :> - Moderator here so just hmu if needed. Active MK8 and MKW player: 31K VR on 8 and 7.8K? on MKW but constantly rising. Osu username: -[Shady]- MK8 Name: *Shady* MKW Name: *Vali*"

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The list is neverending to say the least.


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Theknockout 962


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Reviews by theknockout

#13 *Sigh* Cornered Again. a review of “Corner” by lordeldar

#12 Behold, The Art Of Pushing Circles. a review of “Behold” by 5guy

#11 They Are Not Crystals My Friend. a review of “Physics crystals 2” by yugioh77

#10 (ASG) Now This Is An RPG! a review of “Virus X” by lordeldar

#9 Wait, This Is A Sequel? a review of “Pixel 2 .updated.” by mangabros101

#8 (ASG) Destroy The Nightmare! a review of “Nightmare Demolition.” by australia

#7 (UMR) An Utter Crisis I'm In! a review of “Crisis” by mario531

#6 Drones, Drones, And Even More Drones! a review of “Secrets II” by dudki

#5 The King Has Arose!a review of “King Aegon” by jackjoshseb


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Forums nickname: TKO Registered: January 07, 2014, 11:33 AM
Status: Mainsite Office Employee Stars: FullstarFullstarFullstar
Posts: 7,164 (7.502 per day) Karma: +803/-55
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Theknockout 962

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Games made: 11

Games Ruins III DemoIRL Update 11.1.16idk somethingRuins IIRuinsParadoxSaviourBlue JungleAnxietyLostDisruption

"Ruins III Demo"

Release Date: 5·7·16

Creator: Platformer

Levels: 1

Views: 5

Rating: EmptystarEmptystarEmptystarEmptystarEmptystar No Votes

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"IRL Update 11.1.16"

Release Date: 1·11·16

Creator: Platformer

Levels: 1

Views: 3

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystarEmptystar 1 Votes

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"idk something"

Release Date: 9·7·15

Creator: Platformer

Levels: 1

Views: 24

Rating: EmptystarEmptystarEmptystarEmptystarEmptystar No Votes

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"Ruins II"

Release Date: 11·6·14

Creator: Platformer

Levels: 1

Views: 374

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstarEmptystar 14 Votes

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Release Date: 9·23·14

Creator: Platformer

Levels: 1

Views: 64

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 3 Votes

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You heard it everywhere; you've heard of the one secret that remains unknown to the world. That one secret that leads to all the worlds secrets of a peaceful, happy life. The secrets to peace, war, everything. It's a mad hunt for that one secret; yet, no-one knows what it is. You hear about the location on the secret keeper himself, known as...Paradox

Release Date: 9·13·14

Creator: Platformer

Levels: 1

Views: 424

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstarEmptystar 5 Votes

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You're the only one that can save your village after it was attacked by a group of bandits, left behind is nothing but mere rubble and sbleeps of the criminals, there isn't much you can do...but save your village and prove to be a true...Saviour

Release Date: 8·30·14

Creator: Classic

Levels: 1

Views: 243

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 11 Votes

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"Blue Jungle"

Nothing's fun in the jungle: If you believe this is "too hard" I would like to request you do not spam hate messages on me but politely state that you find it too hard. If enough people has claimed it is too hard, a walkthrough shall be released.

Release Date: 8·26·14

Creator: Platformer

Levels: 1

Views: 396

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 21 Votes

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Slow footsteps is all you hear as you wander into the deep chamber of Anubis, your first sights, you come across cobwebs, skulls, bats; a rather eerie place you could confirm. The chamber was awfully kept, horrid state, foul. How could you not be under such pressure and...Anxiety. Walkthrough:

Release Date: 8·25·14

Creator: Platformer

Levels: 1

Views: 397

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstar 36 Votes

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"Are you sure this the right way?" "Yes, yes, just follow me." As you venture further into the forest, you discover and cave guarded by boulders. "Hey, over here!" As you spot this location you and your friend cautiously walk towards them. "3 2 1 heave!" You heave and heave, nothing happens until eventually it moves and the entrance opens up. "So, shall we go in." "Well...I'd rather stay on track.." "Come on, it'll be a shortcut." "Fine." You walk into the cave to fall into a deep hole. "Wh-where are we?" "It's a cave..." "Yeh, but.." "But?" "Since when do caves have torches, and doors." "Hmm. What can I say it seems that we're" "Lost...."

Release Date: 7·13·14

Creator: Platformer

Levels: 1

Views: 172

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstar 32 Votes

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Your heading towards your room at the blink of night, when you slowly creep open the door to a eerie creek sound you spy what seems to be a sky full of armed military fleets covered in destructive utilities. You rush over to the window to absorb the horrific sight, as you do, the fleet drops all it's weapons and havoc reaches its true meaning. The city you live in is in crisis and major Disruption.

Release Date: 9·13·13

Creator: Classic

Levels: 1

Views: 214

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstar 31 Votes

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Theknockout 962

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