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Joined:2016 (joined originally in 2012)
Last Visit:Variable
Total Plays:Variable
Contests Won:0
About Me:Hey! i am a member on the MS as well as on the fourms.I make platformers and PPGs,and sometimes other stuff.I also do stuff on the Sploder Wikia. Wikia:ItsMeLoaf
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Theloaf56 is a user on the Mainsite and fourms. He has been on the site since 2012 on old accounts. He has a reviewer badge.


Theloaf56 began as tater2260 back in 2012(maybe). He didn't make that much good games. He made several accounts during the tater2260 era and he returned in early 2016. He made theloaf56 in janurary 2016. He left for a bit and came back in summer 2016. He found out about Sploderheads, and he learned about the hackers and bad people on Sploder, and he also encountered Eaglebasketball4. He made many good friends since his return, and many of them are inactive.

The eaglebasketball4 incident

Loaf was trolled by eaglebasketball4 several times on SploderHeads. Loaf is normally called loafie baby by eagle. Eagle normally trolls him and others. Eagle also tricked Loaf into thinking he changed. Loaf no longer belived him after he started trolling again.

Avatar changing

Several users changed their avatar to loaf's avatar as a meme. This was started by goldoptimus. Others followed,too.


  • Loaf has been on Member Buzz a few times.
  • theloaf56's first account was tater2260.
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