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Theundead101 is a very popular member known for making Mario and Sonic games. He was great friends with Stephenio.

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Gaming, Sports, hanging out with friends

Favorite Sports

1. Baseball

2. Swimming

3. Soccer

4. Hockey

5. Tennis

Favorite Games

1. Mario

2. Halo

3. Call of Duty

4. Sonic

5. Grand Theft Auto

Xbox One gamertag: DrowsyDeer43391

Playstation 3 Username: AuRaKiMbOzZ

Nintendo Wii U ID: T.Delaney

Favorite Movies

Too many to count.

Favorite Bands





Whom I Respect




Theundead101 makes accurate graphics for his games. Some graphic tags he uses are:

  • sonicthehedgehogundead
  • undeadmario

Superastroguy also made a game where you can copy Theundead's graphics here.


  • Theundead101 had an old account called Tristanttttttttt.
  • He is moderatly famous for his game "The Undead Revolution".
  • His only game so far is "The Undead Revolution", though he is working on many others. He has overe 3000 graphics,
  • it is unknown if they are public or not.
  • His best friend on Sploder is Stephenio. He currently has a Youtube channel that used to be called "Tristan Delany" but is now called "The Undead".
  • He despises a user called "Layra".
  • It is unknown if his graphics are public, it is beleived that he privatly shares their tags with close friends.
  • He is a master physics puzzle game creator, and has been shown to display his skills on tinychat. 
  • "He is one of my best friends on Sploder" - Stephenio, on his youtube channel
  • He has a Tinychat room called "Theundead101"
  • He confirmed that he was making sequels to his game "The Undead Revolution" on the Sploder Forums.
  • He is a big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog.


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"The Undead Revolution"ContestWinnerLogo Tristan was taking a walk, that's when he saw a volcano in the distance and decided to go check it out. Tristan was enjoying the view until the poisoned Mai shoved him in! He must find a way out! But be careful, there're monsters inside the volcano that want you dead. When Tristan got out, Mai had destroyed the city and turned it into hell basically. Tristan defeated (not killed) Mai and restored the city by doing so. Thanks for playing! 9·18·15 Physics 12672
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