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  • I personally allowed the creation of member pages. My reason for doing this was to try to attract more users to this wiki, and help them get more publicity for their games. Please consider my point here, and consider the amount of work the users whose pages were deleted put into those peculiar articles. I will make sure all of these articles are properly edited and monitored if you allow this request to become law.

    P.S., since you are relatively inactive on this wiki, I would like to become a bureaucrat so I can help regulate this wiki better. Thanks for considering this.



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    • This has been a law in the past here in the Sploder Wiki, but as things quickly spread the wiki became more slower for some members. I will discuss with another administrator if this law can begin again. Please note that if the system becomes slower for members, we can stop this at any time, or transfer the information on to another wiki such as a Sploder Member Wiki.

      Again, I will discuss the bureaucrat rights with another user here and if they think you are worthy, you may receive it. Thanks again.

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