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I understand. You have a life.  I will always remember you Knee. The problems that made Sploder boring for you was M0derator390, the helping Layra and the moderators not unbanning you. But you have lots of friends. Me, Kidneyeviltwin, LightningShadow, Supersonic2014, Treelogsman, Megapup and a lot more people. 

Anytephius will never get away with this. 

SONIC PROLOGUE ~ Back In Time ~ feat

SONIC PROLOGUE ~ Back In Time ~ feat. Lady Wildfire & Tuberz McGee (Music Video)-0

See the video. Sonic lost at defeating Metal Sonic. The next night he went back and tried it again. And he won. The same could be with you and Anytephius. Maybe you just need to retry it. I know if we stuck together we could pull it off.

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