Thug (Right)
What it looks like.




Kick, Machete, Swinging Crash

The Thug is a humanoid enemy in the Sploder Platformer Games, and is the second to be listed in the Enemies and Hazards Game Creator Category. The Thug is an original game enemy.


The Thug's size and stature is uncanny to the Player's, but its appearance is more ragged and unkept. The Thug is dark purple in color, with a heavy chin and hair similar to a Fire Troll's with red half-oval eyes covered by a thick monobrow.

The Thug dons a strap from its shoulder down to it's waist carrying the robes it uses as clothes. On the left side of it's head is an aggravated scar.


Stat Stats to Player
Stamina: 46

4 Sword strikes/

2 swinging crashes

Attack Power:



13%-18% Player health

Speed: 67

Player speed=100

Total: 168 168/300


Machete: The Thug uses a large machete as it's main weapon. Each strike deals 13%-18% to the Player's life bat, and 31% when used in a swinging crash without the latter using a Shield or Armor.

Shield: The Thug uses a Shield similar to the Player's, with the exception of it being traditionally-shaped and made of wood. It's use and effect in combat is unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Strength: The Thug is a very strong individual, able to destroy hard structures with it's machete strikes and fight on even grounds with the Player. Like most enemies, the Thug can kick the Player a considerable distance and stun him/her.


  • The Thug appears as the main rival to the Platformer Hero.

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