Total plays is total game view count that a Sploder member has. The total plays count for someone else can be seen on a member's profile.


  • Total plays is one of the main criteria for determining a popular member.
  • Most Viewed Members is one of the seven Hall of Fame categories which determined by Total plays.

Most Viewed Members

Rank Member Total plays
1 vaxen2 1,212,828
2 kjordan 1,049,187
3 sceptile 1,021,320
4 chowder 971,910
5 321games 903,724
6 lordofold 842,749
7 geoff 826,188
8 maxliam 727,259
9 mattthewhurst 566,821
10 girltucker 510,000+[1]
11 futuremillionare 504,944
12 5mister 465,935
  1. The total view count is still unknown due to the account was suspended.

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