The Turret in the Platformer Games Creator is a stationary, Lower-Class Enemy that is a user of Power. (By how it shoots lasers to Damage.) It is also the 12th Enemy shown in the Enemies and Hazards Game Categories in the Platformer.


The Turret is one of the smallest Enemies in the Sploder Library, including the Vampire Bat , the Probe, and the Drone. The Turrets main color scheme is grey. The Turret can be placed anywhere (not even on solid matter.) and can be placed in 4 sides. In the middle of the Turrets body is an orange eye, used for seeing its Enemies.

Battle Data

The Turret by itself is a very weak Enemy and Hazard. It takes only one regular hit from the Platformer Hero's Sword to destroy it. It takes 27 lasers from the Turret to defeat the Hero.


  • The Turret and the Probe are the only robotic Enemies that are Lower-Class in the Platformer Creator library.
  • A common misconception is that turrets are enemies. While, like enemies, they appear red on the player's radar, they are stationary and dontt count towards the "destroy all enemies" goal.
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