Hello. If you're seeing this message, it means a user template on Community Central has been applied. What does it mean? It would mean that I have noticed this wiki's subject exists, but I'm not a committed user yet (or ever). It's just to show that I know the subject exists. As compensation, I gift the blissful FTL: Faster Than Light soundtrack. Have a listen!

Game related details.

I had gone under the name "jacobalexander11" since 2008 when my cousin introduced me to Sploder. I created and played a couple of levels, but retired a bit after since I have faced bad luck on the random stages (too many hard ones.) and the game started to seem small of features. I am sure it has gotten better, but even with that I don't feel enthusiastic to play it again, but I am aware that this was my favorite past time when I was a kid, and I am glad to have found the game.

That is it.

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