aka Felipe Jean

  • I live in Brazil
  • I was born on January 1
  • My occupation is Using my black jacket, and create games without even thinking about tomorrow! :P
  • I am Male

Why am I here?

I'm Games543 on Main - site Sploder. I intend to be here just to edit incorrect informations about users and I would like to make pages too.. Honestly, it's a little indefinitely. As you can see, I used my real name for the User - name and '1234' to complete. I created my own Page. You can see in the fallowing Clicking Here!

Unknown wind (PEGASUS)

Unknown Wind (Pegasus Effect) (Vento Desconhecido)


'Darkness in the my eyes, behind the blue jacket'


basketball by ygor2 (My best in the my old account)


pinsogol sport by games543 (My second game in the my actual account)


I'm 13 years old, I live on Brazil, Hablo Español y Inglés (I speak Spanish and English) I like intellectual games and Art!! I made some intellectual games... You're Albert Einstein Personality Test Middle East Quiz .Genius Quiz. 2000 DEMO Scientific and see to side one of my drawings >>>


I had an old account named as Ygor2 in 2012, basically this account is a "Noob" account . My best game in the my old account is basketball 28 views and 2 votes, created in Thursday January 10th, 2013. Later I forgot the combination of the my password, I just remember of something similar to 'qaqwwsweederr...', 'aqwsedrftgyhujikolpç' or '2468097531', I had mind tricks to remember my password... xD lol Just Kidding... However, there is a salvation: games543 - reserved account! My first game created in Monday August 11th, 2014, will destroy 3D Adventure Game Creator reaching to 32 views and 2 votes. My second game, one of my best games ever! a combination of Pinball and Soccer (As a Sport) I created the pinsogol sport! It's a weird name, but this weird game reached to more than 100 views!! it's impressive to a second game.. In my opinion..

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